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Lost Pubs In Preston, Lancashire

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Name Year Closed Address

Iron Duke

193 North Road.

Jerry Lobby

1930s Salmon Street.

Jolly Farmer

1980s Orchard Street.

John O'Gaunt

1950s 66 Avenham Lane.

John O'Gaunt

2013 Cottam Avenue.


1983 Jutland Street.

Kendal Castle

c2005 Good Street.

Keystone Inn

1981 205 Brook Street. 

King St Tavern

  Manchester Road.

King William IV

2005 London Road.

Kings Arms

1990s Stanley Street.


2000 Church Street. 

Lamb & Chops

Walker Street. 

Lamb & Packet

2017 91a Friargate.

Larkhill Tavern

62 Richmond Street.
Leas Virgins Inn 1890s Anchor Weind.

Lime Kiln

2008 Aqueduct Street.
Lion c2000 Moor Nook.
Little John c1960 Atkinson Street.
Lord Nelson 1960s 200 North Road.


2005 Lovat Road.

Market Inn 

33 Market Street. Now reopened!!

Maudland Bank Inn

c1967 16-17 Maudland Bank.  

Maudland Inn

2005 Pedder Street

Meadow Arms

  Meadow Street.

Mechanics Arms

c1964 26 Fish Street.

Mitre Tavern

c2004 Moor Lane.

Moor Hall Inn

1980 20 Elliot Street.

Morning Star

1-3 St Austins Road.

Moss Rose Inn

1950s 70 Fylde Road.

Moulders Arms

10 Edmund Street.


1990s Strand Road

New Cock Inn

1970s New Cock Yard.

New Hall Lane Tavern

  New Hall Lane Tavern.

New Inn

  Queen Street.

New Inn

  230 North Road.

New Park Inn

  14 Great Hanover Street.

New Quay Inn

1970s Strand Road.

New Savick

2008 West Park Avenue.

New Ship Inn

2011 68 Watery Lane.

New Sun Inn

1960s 133 Ribbleton Lane.

New Welcome

  15-17 Cambridge Walk.

North Euston

2010 49 Moor Street.

North Star Inn

c2002 50 Hawkins Street.

Oak Tree

1990s 192-194 Marsh Lane.

Old Oak

1960s 63 Ribbleton Lane.

Oddfellows Arms

1966 29 Adelphi Street.

Oddfellows Arms

46 London Road.

Oddfellows Arms

1 Ladyman Street.

Oddfellows Tavern

5 Mount Street.

Old Britannia

1960s Friargate.

Old Dog

  Church Street.

Old England

  Ribbleton Lane

Old House At Home

  39 Salter Street.  

Old House At Home

  William Street.

Old Legs Of Man

1930 Fishergate.

Old Sir Simon


Old Spread Eagle

1960s 31 Lune Street.

Ormskirk Tavern

61 High Street.

Oxford Tavern

1 Bowker Street.

Oxheys Hotel

  26-28 Plungington Road.

Pack Horse

66 Walker Street.

Painted Wagon

1982 Fishergate.
Painters Arms 1960s Starchhouse Square.


  Avenham Lane.
Park Road Inn 1962 48 Park Road.
Parkers Arms 129 Manchester Road.

Paviors Arms

c1990 27-29 Fylde Road

Pedders Arms

1960s 98 Wellfield Road.

Peel Castle

58 Brougham Street.

Peel Hall

1970s Peel Hall Street.

Peels Arms

30 New Hall Lane.

Percy Braithwaites Last Stand

  Ring Road.  

Pioneer Inn

  144 Victoria Street.


1990 Blackpool Road

Plough Inn

1913 115 Friargate. Now reopened!!

Plough Tavern

8 Orchard Street.

Plungington Tavern

Plungington Road.

Port Admiral

1969 Saul Street.

Prince Arthur

2011 71 Moor Lane.

Prince Arthur

94 Avenham Lane.

Prince Consort

1996 Aqueduct Street.

Princess Alexandra

  185 Fylde Road.

Princess Royal

  82 Byron Street.
Punchbowl Tavern c1975 Fishergate.

Queen Adelaide

1990s New Hall Lane

Queen Adelaide

40 St Johns Place.


1980s Butler Street.

Queens Palace

1950s Clayton Street.

Red Lion

  Church Street.

Red Rose Inn

  St Paul's Square

Regatta Inn

1914 Strand Road.

Ribble View Inn

70 Wellfield Road.


c2005 1 Broadgate.

Roper Hall

2023 Friargate.


119 Ribbleton Lane.


1988 London Road.

Royal Garrison

2012 193 Watling Street.

Royal George

16 Hudson Street.

Royal Hotel

  Church Street.

Royal Lancaster

  Lancaster Road North.

Royal Oak

c2006 Plungington Road

Royal Oak

  11 Adelphi Street.  
Saddle Inn Sidgreaves Lane.
Sailors Home 180 Marsh Lane.
Sebastopol Inn Larkhill Street.


1990s Selbourne Street.

Shawes Arms

2013 279 London Road.


38 Greenbank Street.

Shelley Arms

31 Fishergate.

Ship Inn

2011 3 Fylde Road. Now reopened as Ships & Giggles.

Shooters Arms

c1963 64 Park Road.

Shoulder Of Mutton

  Lancaster Road.

Sir Charles Napier

  7 Edgar Street.

Sir John Franklin

  21 Pole Street.

Sir Robert Peel

  1 East View

Sir Walter Scott

1960s 24 North Road.

Sitting Goose

1965 North Road.


2013 Ribbleton Lane.

South Meadow Tavern

1970s South Meadow Lane.

Spindlemakers Arms

  Lancaster Road North.

Springfield Arms

1990s Marsh Lane

St Marys

c1990 St Marys Street.
Star & Garter 14 Brook Street.
Star Inn c1950 73 Ribbleton Lane.
Star Inn 1960s Walker Street.
Station 1 Fletcher Road.

Stephensons Arms

  21 East Street.

Stockwell Inn

c1965 112 Brook Street.

Stone Cottage

2007 Shaw Street.

Stone Jug Inn

15 Sizer Street.


1980s Watling Street Road.
Tanners Arms 2012 Adelphi Street.
Telegraph Inn 1936 30-31 Maudland Bank.

Theatre Hotel

1987 Fishergate.

Third Duke Of Lancasters Own

1960s 157 Ribbleton Lane.

Three Tuns

1960s 114 North Road.


2016 Lord Street.  

Toy Soldier

2006 Deepdale Retail Park.

Turf Tavern

15-16 Gorst Street.

Union Hotel

  Peddar Street.

Union Inn

3 Albyn Street East.


1966 Adelphi Street.

Victoria & Albert

1 Brougham Street.

Volunteer Inn

1960s 41-43 Bow Lane.


2009 Navigation Way.

Watering Trough

2000s Fylde Road

Waterloo Hotel

1980s 24 Friargate.

Weavers Arms

1960s 111 Manchester Road.

Welcome Inn

122 Queen Street.

Wellington Inn

1960s 68 Fletcher Road.


38 Bedford Street.


40 Glovers Court.

West End Tavern

1990s Taylor Street.

West End Tavern

1 Dunderdale Street.

White Boar Inn

London Road.

White Hart

1 Ginbow Entry.

White Lion

  1 Syke Hill.

Windmill Inn

  160 Moor Lane.

Windsor Castle

1990s Egan Street.

Withy Trees

2019 Lytham Road.
Woolpack   62 Back Lane.  

York Castle

c1900 101 Adelphi Street.

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