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Lost Pubs In Rochdale, Lancashire

Name Year Closed Information
Abbey Inn 2000 39 Redcross Street.


  62 Spotland Road.

Albion Hotel

1939 Yorkshire Street.

Albion Spirit Vaults

Yorkshire Street.


1898 Oldham Road.

Amen Corner

1860s Newgate.

Angel Inn

Exchange Street.


1929 Queen Street.

Barrack Tavern

1911 Barrack Yard.

Baths Hotel

  42 Smith Street.

Bay Horse

1970 Halifax Road.

Bay Horse

Holland Street.

Bay Horse

1931 Holland Street.

Beaver Inn

1904 Redcross Street.

Bee Hive

1957 St Marys Gate.

Bird In Hand

1884 Brickfield.

Bishop Blaize

1938 Lord Street.

Bishop Blaize

1997 277 Oldham Road.

Black Horse

1915 Butterworth Street.

Blacksmiths Arms

Drake Street.

Blue Ball

Lane Side.

Blue Ball

1932 Yorkshire Street.

Blue Bell

1929 Haynes Street.

Blue Bell

2015 Lowerfold.

Blue Bell


Blue Bell Inn

Yorkshire Street.

Boars Head

Yorkshire Street.

Boat Inn

1912 Hamer Mill Lane.
Bobby Burns Acker Street.
Boilermakers Arms 1957 Duke Street.
Boilermakers Arms 1919 Wood Street.

Bonnie Dundee

2000 Fishwick Street.

Botanist Inn

1895 Anne Street.

Bowling Green

2014 37 Spotland.

Bowling Green

1947 Church Stile.

Bowling Green

1980 Milnrow Road.

Bricklayers Arms

Cheetham Street.

Bridge Inn

1990s Calf Hey South. Now reopened!!

Bridge Inn

1956 Oldham Road.  

Bridge Inn

1945 Spotland Road.  


2012 4 Lomax Street.

British Grenadier

1915 Barrack Yard.

Brown Cow

2012 Milkstone Road.

Brown Cow

1933 Falinge Road.

Brown Cow

Top O' Th' Lane.


C.2008 Baillie Street.

Bulls Head

1924 High Street.  

Bulls Head

1970 Oldham Road.  

Bush Inn

1956 Heights Lane.  

Butchers Arms

  Dearden Yard.  

Carters Arms

  Oldham Road.  

Carters Rest

  190 Spotland Road.

Castle Inn

  Manchester Road.

Cemetery Hotel

  Catley Lane.  

Central Hotel

1957 Packer Street.  

Chapel House

1936 Halifax Road.  

Cheetham Arms

1940 Cheetham Street.  

Cheshire Cheese

1910 Whitehall Street.  

Church Inn

  Manchester Road.

Church Inn

2013 Wilbutts Lane.

Church Inn

1963 Church Stile.  

Church Tavern

  Church Lane.  


1905 110 Drake Street.


1931 School Lane.

Clifton Arms

1877 Blackwater Street.

Clock Face

1973 Lord Street.

Clog & Shawl

  Roch Valley Way.

Cloggers Arms

  Church Lane.  

Cloggers Arms

  Packer Street.  
Cloverdale 2000 280-283 Entwhistle Road.
Coach & Horses 1973 Lord Street.  
Colliers Arms 2013 Buersil Road.  
Commercial Hotel 2000 57 Milnrow Road.
Commercial Inn 1970 Drake Street.
Cotton Tree 1909 Whitworth Road.
Craven Heifer c.2010 7 Broad Lane.
Craven Heifer 1923 Milnrow Road.
Craven Heifer 1942 St Marys Gate.
Crawford Arms c.2010 Crawford Street.
Cricketers Arms 1973 Vavasour Street.  
Cross Keys 1925 Cloth Hall Street.  
Cross Yates   71 Whitworth Road.
Crystal Palace 1907 Spotland Road.  
Directors Arms c.1997 Heywood Road.  
Dog & Gun 1898 Drake Street.  
Dog & Partridge   370 Oldham Road.
Dog & Pheasant   Albert Street.  
Drake Inn   34 Drake Street.
Druids Arms 1915 Milkstone Road.  
Duke Of Hallford 1936 Halifax Road.  
Duke Of Wellington 1973 Blackwater Street.  
Duke Of York   Cheetham Street.  
Duke Of York 1895 LIvsey Street.  
Dusty Miller 1971 Manchester Road.  
Dusty Miller 1945 Oldham Road.  
Dyers Arms 1977 Oldham Road.  
Eagle & Child   Yorkshire Street.  
East Ward Hotel 1901 Crawford Street.  
Elephant & Castle 1969 Manchester Road.  
Engineers Arms 1910 Whitehall Street.  
Esthers 2 Acker Street.

Fair Play

1891 Buersil.

Falinge Tavern

1910 Falinge Road.

Farmers Arms

1962 Edenfield Road.

Farmers Rest

1903. School Lane.

Fleece Hotel

1945 Fleece Street.

Florist Tavern

1912 Lowerplace.

Flower Of The Valley

1951 Bury Road.

Flower Pot

Drake Street.

Fortune Of War

1896 School Lane.

Foundry Arms

Mason Street.

Fox & Dog

1957 Toad Lane.

Fox Inn

  237 Milnrow Road.

Freehold Inn

1958 Grove Street.

Freehold Tavern

1895 Drake Street.

Freemasons Arms

1895 School Lane.

Friendship Inn

1893 George Street.

Friendship Tavern

James Street.

Frost Inn

Trough Gate.

Gale Inn

2007 Valley Road.

Gardeners Arms

1929 Oldham Road.

Gardeners Rest

1934 Norreys Road.

Gas House Tavern

Castlefoot Road.

George & Dragon

1931 Blackwater Street.

George Inn

1860s Lord Street.

George St Tavern

1898 Great George Street.

Gladstone Arms

1948 Halifax Road.


  Whitworth Road. 

Golden Ball

  225 Spotland Road.

Golden Ball

1860s Packer Street.  

Golden Fleece

  Moss Lane.  

Golden Fleece

Oldham Road.

Grapes Hotel

1971 Hurst Vaults.

Grapes Inn

1890 Milnrow Row.

Grey Mare

1860s Whitworth Road.

Grove Inn

1968 Grove Street.

Gun Inn

1905 Spotland Road.

Half Moon

Blackwater Street.

Halfway House

  Wardle Road.
Hand & Hart 1915 Holland Street.
Hand & Shuttle 1971 Elliot Street.
Hare & Hounds 2000 19 Belfield Road.
Hare & Hounds 1881 Hamer Lane.
Hare & Hounds 1936 Yorkshire Street.
Hark Away 1931 St Marys Gate.
Hark To Nudger 1921 Richard Street.
Harp Inn 1933 7 Penn Street. Now demolished Wilsons beerhouse.

Higher Anchor

  Packer Street.  

Highland Laddie

  11 Spotland Road.

Hole In The Wall


Horsefield Tavern

1955 Shawclough Road.  

Horse Mill Tavern

Pig Market.


1936 St Marys Gate.  
Industry Hotel 2000 15 Sladen Street.
Iron Moulders Arms 1971 Whitworth Road.  
John Street Tavern 1963 John Street.  
Joiners Arms 1951 Whitworth Road.  
Joiners Arms 1901 Cheetham Street.  
Joiners Arms 1895 River Street.  
Jolly Gardener 1956 Platting Lane.  
Jolly Waggoner   Oldham Road.  
King William 1905 Whitehall Street.  
Kings Arms 1909 Church Lane.  
Kings Arms   Pig Market.  
Kings Head 1904 Lord Street.  
Kitson Arms 1955 Fishwick Street.  
Lancashire Lass 2001 444 Edenfield Road.
Lark   Church Lane.  
Lark Inn 1997 121 Durham Street.
Live & Let Live Blackwater Street.
Lord Howard c.2002 Balderstone Road.
Lord Nelson 1905 270 Rochdale Road.
Lower Anchor 1860s Packer Street.
Magic Flute 1923 Oldham Road.
Manor Edenfield Road.
Market House 1970 Toad Lane.
Marquis Of Granby Nelson Street.
Mayfield Hotel Albert Royds Street.
Merry Monk   234 College Road.
Merry Weaver   St Marys Gate.
Mona Hotel 1938 Molesworth Street.
Morning Star 1978 Oldham Road.
Moss Tavern 1894 Milnrow Road.
Moulders Arms 1971 Whitworth Road.
Mount Pleasant 1964 Whitehall Street.
Navigation Inn   118 Drake Street.
New Inn 1916 Cossuth Street.  
New Inn   Crawford Street.  
New Inn 1937 Elliot Street.  
New Market Tavern   New Market Place.  
New Market Tavern 1931 Yorkshire Street.  
New Railway 1929 Haynes Street.  
Newbold   24 Church Road.
Norden Inn   Norden Terrace.  
North East Hotel 1960 North Street.  
Northern Star 1912 Rope Street.  
Nursery Inn 1913 Whitworth Road.  
Oddfellows Arms   School Lane.  
Old Bricklayers   81 Whitworth Road.
Old Chapel House 1957 Whitworth Road.  
Old Clock Face 1973 Toad Lane.
Old Clock Face Packer Street.
Orchard Yorkshire Street.
Pack Horse 1889 Church Stile.
Pack Horse 1936 Yorkshire Street.
Painters Arms Lord Street.
Park Hotel 1969 Manchester Road.
Penn St Tavern 1914 Penn Street.
Phoenix   48 Whitworth Road.
Pineapple Inn   67 Whitehall Street.
Pinfold Tavern Drake Street.
Pot O'Beer   167 Spotland Road.
Prince Albert 2012 104 Oldham Road.
Prince Of Wales 1956 Manchester Road.
Printers Arms 2013 182 Belfield Road.
Punch Bowl 1897 Castle Street.
Queen Inn Blackwater Street.
Queen Victoria Castle Street.
Queens   50 Milkstone Road.
Queens Head 1932 Yorkshire Street.  
Queens Hotel 1912 Blackwater Street.  
Railway Hotel 1953 Milnrow Road.  
Railway Inn   209 Yorkshire Road.
Railway Inn Railway Street.
Rain Inn Church Lane.
Ram Inn Yorkshire Street.

Red Lion Inn

1973 Newgate.

Red Rose

  122 Durham Street.


  Regent Street.

Ring O'Bells

  Oak Street.

Rings Arms

  Church Lane.

Rising Sun

1966 Cheetham Street.

Rising Sun

1938 Oldham Road.

Roebuck Inn

1905 Bury Road.

Rope & Anchor

Packer Street.

Rose & Anchor

1938 Cheetham Street.
Royal Hotel   452 Oldham Road.
Royal Marine 1904 Toad Lane.  
Royal Oak 1901 Church Stile.  
Saddle Inn 1875 Packer Street.  
Sawyers Arms   29 Industry Road.
Ship Inn Milnrow Road.
Seven Stars 1937 College Road.
Shamrock Inn 1909 Hope Street.
Shepherds Boy 1907 Union Street.
Shoulder Of Mutton 1909 Middle Lane.
Shoulder Of Mutton Yorkshire Street.
Slubbers Arms 1975 Smith Street.
Spinners Arms 1963 7 Bury Road.
Spirit Vaults Packer Street.
Spread Eagle 1970 Halifax Road.
Spring Mill Tavern   431 Halifax Road.
St Albans Hotel   113 Manchester Road.
St Chads Inn Church Lane.
St James Tavern 1979 Yorkshire Street.

St Johns Tavern

  16 Milk Street.

Staff Of Life

  Edenfield Road.

Staff Of Life

1909 Whitehall Street.

Star Hotel

  63 Drake Street.

Station House Tavern

1918 Oldham Road.

Store Tavern

1916 Bibson Row.

Stump & Pieman

Chapel Yard.

Sun Hotel

  96 Featherstall Road.

Swan With Two Necks

1971 Oldham Road.

Swann Inn

Pig Market.

Sykes Inn

1974 Sykes Street.

Talbot Hotel

1976 John Street.

Theatre Hotel

1969 Manchester Road.

Three Arrows

Church Street.

Tim Bobbin

  Yorkshire Street.


  Trafalgar Street.

Travellers Rest

  Rochdale Council offices.
Two Ships Hotel   54 Hope Street.
Victoria Hotel   Spotland Road.
Wagon & Horses   Halifax Road.
Waggon & Horses   252 Whitworth Road.
Weavers Arms   235 Ashfield Road.
Wellfield Inn 20 Wellfield Street.
Wellington   Drake Street.
White Lion   Rooley Moor Road.
White Lion 1990s 407 Oldham Road.
Whittingtons   31 Oldham Road.
Windmill   440 Manchester Road.
Woolpack   233 Rooley Moor Road.
Woolpack   99-101 Drake Street.
Woolpack c.2000 Halifax Road.

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