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Lost Pubs In London, SE1: Southwark & Waterloo

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Name Year Closed Address
Kentish Waggoner 172 Tabard Street.
King & Queen 105 Newington Butts.
King Harrys Head 88 Southwark Street.
King Henry VIII 1942 54 Lambeth High Street.
King Johns Head 10 Abbey Street.

King Of Belgium

  186 Tooley Street.

King On Horseback

  118 Borough High Street.  
Kings Arms   147 St Georges Road.
Kings Arms   44 Blackman Street.
Kings Arms   40 Old Kent Road.
Kings Arms   8 Hickmans Folly.
Kings Arms   22 Bennett Street.
Kings Arms & Head   204 Bermondsey Street.
Kings Head 1941 96 Newington Causeway.
Kings Head 199 Long Lane.
Kings Head 178 Tooley Street.
Kings Head 31 Webb Street.
Kings Head c1950 132 Belvedere Road.
Kings Head c1933 7 Lanfranc Street.
Kings Head c1941 163 Westminster Bridge Road.
Lambeth Walk 2010 17 Lambeth Road.
London Bridge London Bridge Station.
London Bridge Tavern 5 Borough High Street.
London Tavern 11 Garden Row.
Lord Hill c1915 83 Waterloo Road.
Lord Nelson 386 Old Kent Road. Now reopened!!
Lord Nelson 15 Fair Street.
Lord Wellington 132 Weston Street.
Manchester Arms 230 Tabard Street.
Manor House c1923 93 Stamford Street.
Marlborough Arms 1999 77 Marlborough Grove.
Marquis Of Granby 51 Orange Street.
Marquis Of Granby 122 Union Street.
Marquis Of Granby c1888 43 Granby Place.
Marquis Of Wellington 2015 21 Druid Street. Now reopened!!
Marquis Of Wellington c1911 14 Colwyn Street.
Masons Arms 169 Grange Road.
Masons Arms 31 Harper Road.
Metropolitan 60 Southwark Street.
Miller Of Mansfield 82 Snowsfields.
Mitre 14-15 Duke Street Hill.
Mitre 18 St Thomas Street East.
Mitre 51 Hatfields.
Mitre Hotel c1960 45 Lambeth Palace Road.
Monument 135 Union Street.
Mooneys Dublin House 3-4 Duke Street Hill.
Moonrakers 94 Great Suffolk Street.
Moulders Arms 19 Redcross Street.
Nags Head 137 Borough High Street.
New Bell c1909 16 Leake Street.
New Bridge House c1963 242 Westminster Bridge Road.
New Guildford Barge 1900s 22 Belvedere Road.
New Half Way Inn 567 Old Kent Road.
New Halfway House c1914 36 Gray Street.
New Inn c1959 254 Westminster Bridge Road.
New Tanners Arms 155 Grange Road.
Newcastle Arms c1933 16 Hercules Road.
Noahs Ark 92 Park Street.
Noahs Ark 217 Blackfriars Road.
Nottingham Castle Park Street.
Oak 32-33 Crimscott Street.
Oakley Arms c1918 72 Oakley Street.
Obelisk 1 Westminster Bridge Road.
Old Bunch Of Grapes 97 Bermondsey Street.
Old City Arms 206 Weston Street.
Old Crown & Cushion c1897 149 Westminster Bridge Road.
Old Dover Castle c1958 170 Westminster Bridge Road.
Old Father Thames Tavern 12 Albert Embankment.
Old Guildford Barge 52 Belvedere Road.
Old Justice 39 Mint Street.
Old Justice 177 Southwark Bridge Road.
Old Kings Arms 34 Surrey Row.
Old Kings Head 135 Tooley Street.
Old Kings Head c2013 173 Blackfriars Road.
Old Red Cock 14 Battle Bridge Lane.
Old Rose 42 Tanner Street.
Old Tabard 85-87 Borough High Street.
Olive Branch c1961 158-160 Waterloo Road.
Ossory Arms 47 Ossory Road.
Oxford Arms 490 Old Kent Road.
Pagoda c2013 64 Tower Bridge Road.
Paper Moon 2008 24 Blackfriars Road.
Paviours Arms 15 St Margarets Court.
Peabody Arms c1964 44 Broadwall.
Peacock 24 Hopton Street.
Peacock c1916 39 Lanfranc Street.
Pear Tree c1941 128 The Cut.
Pelican 80 Southwark Street.
Pencutters Arms 58 James Street.
Pineapple 1959 7 St Georges Road.
Pineapple 16 Elephant & Castle.
Pitts Head 14 Grange Road.
Platform   56-58 Tooley Street.
Plymouth Arms   18 Battle Bridge Lane.  
Prince & Princess   84 Gravel Lane.  
Prince Albert 2015 76 Colombo Street.  
Prince Alfred   49 Alscot Road.
Prince Alfred   108 Abbey Street.  
Prince Alfred c1909 98 Cornwall Road.  
Prince Arthur   63 Stamford Street.
Prince Consort   210a New Kent Road.
Prince George   46 St Georges Road.  
Prince Of Brunswick   58 Brunswick Street.  
Prince Of Orange 23 Mill Street.
Prince Of Wales   23 Lant Street.
Prince Of Wales   17 Riley Road.
Prince Of Wales   86 Bermondsey Street.  
Prince Of Wales   134-135 Snowsfields.  
Prince Teck   24 Parkers Row.  
Prince William Henry 165 Bermondsey Street.
Prince William Henry 230 Blackfriars Road.
Princess Of Wales   45 London Road.
Princess Royal   20 Theobald Street.
Queens Arms   36 Weston Street.  
Queens Arms   86 Great Guildford Street.  
Queens Head   116 Tanner Street.  
Queens Head   35 Fendall Street.  
Queens Head   207 Tooley Street.  
Queens Head   105 Borough High Street.
Queens Head   52 Great Guildford Street.
Queens Head   263 Union Street.


c1915 45 Cornwall Road.

Railway Guard

96 Waterloo Road.

Railway Tavern

9 Blackfriars Road.

Rams Head

  Borough Market.


  Tower Bridge Road.
Red Cow   48 Grange Walk
Red Cross   122 Borough High Street.
Red Lion   13 Horselydown Lane.
Red Lion   24 New Street.
Red Lion   50 Redcross Street.
Red Lion c1884 Broadwall.
Red Lion   280 Borough High Street.
Red Lion c2015 160 Union Street. Now reopened as Mc & Son.
Red Lion & Key   8 Battle Bridge Lane.
Rising Sun   23 Fair Street.
Rising Sun c1949 56 York Road.
Rockingham Arms 1960s 175 Newington Causeway.
Rodney c1964 125 Westminster Bridge Road.
Rodneys Head 10 Little Suffolk Street.
Roebuck 6 Tooley Street.
Roebuck 132 Union Street.
Roebuck c1911 14 Doon Street.
Rose   123 Snowfields. Now reopened!!
Rose & Bell   25 Bankside.
Rose & Crown   124 Long Lane.
Rose & Crown 1920 68 Lambeth High Street.
Rose & Ram   83 Redcross Street.
Royal Buck c1911 26 Cornwall Road.
Royal Engineers c1933 102 Waterloo Road.
Royal George   27 Carlisle Lane.
Royal George   84 Abbey Street.
Royal George c1918 16 Tower Street.
Royal Mortar   21 London Road.
Royal Oak   45 Harper Street.
Royal Oak   31 Lower Bland Street.
Royal Oak   60 Maltby Street.
Royal Oak   113 Tooley Street.
Royal Oak c1865 10 Granby Street.
Royal Oak Park Street.
Royal Standard 2012 42 Harper Road.
Royal Standard 21 Long Lane.
Royal Victoria   131 Waterloo Road.
Royal William   90 Abbey Street.
Running Horses   42 Blackfriars Road.
Sailor Prince   85 Waterloo Road.
Salmon   90 Union Street.
Salutation c1923 21 Coin Street.

Samsons Castle

  210 Grange Road.

Sea Lion

c1900 34 Wootton Road.


  3 Rothsay Road.
Ship 2001 228 Long Lane.
Ship   21 Shad Thames.  
Ship & Mermaid 129 Snowsfields.
Ship & Shovel St Thomas Street.
Simon The Tanner 2009 231 Long Lane. Now reopened!!
Sir John Falstaff 261 Tabard Street.
Sir Robert Peel c1916 53 Tanswell Street.
Smiths Arms 95 Park Street.
Southwark Arms 151 Tooley Street.
Sportsman 93 Lancaster Street.
Spread Eagle c1959 15 Stangate Street.
Spur Inn 129 Borough High Street.
St Georges Tavern 44 Lambeth Road.

St Johns Tavern

  171 Tooley Street.
Stanley Tavern 2 Southwark Street.
Star 256 Borough High Street.
Star 75 Blackman Street.
Star & Garter 216 Bermondsey Street.
Star & Windmill 297 Southwark Park Road.
Stingo Arms 86 Tanner Street.
Sultan 238 St James Road.
Sultan c1911 36 Upper Marsh.
Sun 115 Union Street.
Sun c1918 17 Boniface Street.
Swan 218 Great Dover Street.
Swan 84 Old Kent Road.
Swan 125 Blackfriars Road.
Swan & Sugar Loaf 55 Dockhead.
Swan & Sugar Loaf 38 Pages Walk.
Tabard Inn 1873 Talbot Yard.
Tailors Arms   91 Shad Thames.  
Tanners Arms   61 Willow Walk.  
Thomas A'Beckett   320 Old Kent Road.
Three Compasses   1 Freeschool Street.  
Three Compasses   22 Tower Bridge Road.  
Three Compasses 67 Bankside.
Three Compasses 15 Great Guildford Street.
Three Compasses c1918 107 Lower Marsh.
Three Jolly Gardeners 103 Union Street.
Three Sugar Loaves 188 Union Street.
Three Tuns 87 Borough High Street.
Tower 1980s 76 Westminster Bridge Road.

Trinity Arms

2002 29 Swan Street.

Two Brewers

  46 Standard Street.  

Two Brewers

  84 Bankside.  

Two Brewers

  56 Gun Street.  

Two Brewers

  8 Redcross Street.  

Two Sawyers

c1961 81 Lambeth Palace Road.

Two Sawyers

1841 Tooley Street.  


  42 Mint Street.  
Union Flag 178 Hercules Road.
Uxbridge Arms 2016 29 Bath Terrace.

Valentine & Orson

c2007 171 Long Lane.


  Vine Street.

Virginia Plant

1944 82 Great Dover Street.

Waggon & Horses

27 Newington Causeway.

Waggon & Horses

23 Newington Butts.

Waterloo Arms

c1918 37 Commercial Road.

Watermans Arms

26 Dockhead.

Watermans Arms

11 Barnham Street.

Watermans Arms

60 Bankside.

Watermans Arms

c1949 120 Belvedere Road.

Watermans Arms

c1950 23 Paris Street.

Waxwell Arms

c1918 8-10 Upper Marsh.

Welch Trooper

37 Bankside.


c1918 94 York Road.


2009 6 Stoney Street. Now reopened!!


22 Worcester Street.

White Bear

c2010 19 Long Walk.

White Bear

33 Tabard Street.

White Bear

12 Bear Gardens

White Hart

  63 Borough High Street.

White Hart

  48 St Thomas Street.

White Hart

  65 Borough Road.

White Hart

  9 Park Street.

White Hart

c1933 35 Belvedere Road.

White Horse

  7 Holland Street.

White Horse

  1 Union Street.

White Horse

c1921 8 Cornwall Road.

White Horse & Half Moon

  197 Borough High Street.

White Lion

  8 Tooley Street.

White Lion

c1970 55 Albert Embankment.

White Swan

1950s Jamaica Road.

Whitesmiths Arms

  37 Crosby Row.


  138 Rockingham Street.

William IV

  583 Old Kent Road.


  154 Great Suffolk Street.

Winchester Arms

  63 Southwark Street.


  52 Park Street.


c1932 18 Cornwall Road.


c1970 17 Upper Ground.

Windsor Castle

  33 Coopers Road.

Windsor Castle

  114 Great Suffolk Street.


  2 Arnott Street.


  39 Gravel Lane.

World Turned Upside Down

2009  145 Old Kent Road.

Worlds End

95 Newington Causeway.
York 1920s 52 Kennington Road.
Yorkshire Grey 7 Park Street.

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