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Lost Pubs In Ipswich, Suffolk

Name Year Closed Address  

Admirals Hat

1912 23 Cardinal Street.  
Admirals Head 1899 St Margarets Street.  
Albion Inn   36-40 Albion Street.  
Albion Mills 1995 293 Woodbridge Road.  
Alexandra   20 Carr Street.
Alma Inn 1966 Chenery Street.  
Anchor Hotel 1950s 121-123 Princes Street.  
Anchor Inn 1920s Duke Street.  
Angel Inn 1906 Angel Lane.  
Arboretum   43 High Street.  
Artillery Arms   13 Anglesea Road.   
Bakers Head   Boars Head Lane.  
Barley Mow 1965 36 Westgate Street.
Bath Hotel 1880s Bath Street.  
Bear & Crown   19 Westgate Street.
Bee Hive Inn 1960 Majors Corner.
Beehive 1960 Butter Market.   
Beer House 2011 5 Woodbridge Road. Now reopened!!  
Bell Inn 1893 Cornhill  
Belvedere 1907 26 Cox Lane.  
Berners Arms   Berners Street  
Black Bell 1936 34 Museum Street.
Black Bull Inn   Elm Street.  
Blooming Fuschia   167 Foxhall Road. 
Blue Anchor 1881 26-28 Lower Orwell Street.
Blue Coat Boy 1988 38 Old Cattle Market
Boars Head Inn 1949 Boars Head Lane  
Boiler Makers Arms 1957 35 Duke Street.
Bold Crispin Inn 1900 Rope Walk  
Borough Tavern 1924 45 Borough Road  
Boy & Partridge   St Margarets Street.  
Brewers Arms   Waterworks Street  
Brewery Tap 2017 Cliff Lane.  
Brickmakers Arms 1926 St Helens Street  
Bridge Tavern 1917 Bridge Street  
Britannia Inn 1966 5 Great Whip Street.
British Lion Hotel 1961 55 Princes Street  
Bucks Horns 1936 Woodhouse Street  
Bull & Dog   55 Fore Street.
Bull Inn 1961 35 Key Street.   
Bulls Head 1958 2 Fore Street.
Bury House 1900 Fore Street  
California Arms 1940s 428 Spring Road  
Canteen   Barrack Lane.  
Carlton   Tacket Street  
Chequers 1921 24 New Street  
Cherry Tree Inn   Cox Lane  
Coach & Horses 1985 41 Upper Brook Street.
County Hotel   St Georges Street  
County Of Suffolk   29 St Helens Street.
Cow & Pail Inn   7 - 11 Rope Walk  
Cowells   Market Lane  
Cricketers Inn 1935 14 William Street  
Criterion   21 Museum Street.
Cross Keys 1938 Carr Street
Crown 1937 33 - 35 Crown Street  
Crown 1994 Norwich Road  
Crown Inn 1968 2 Bridge Street  
Crown & Anchor Hotel   12-14 Westgate Street
Crown & Sceptre 1959 20 Crown Street  
Crown Tavern   Fitzroy Street  
Curriers Arms 1928 Curriers Lane  
Curzon Lodge   47 St Nicholas Street.
Dales 2015 216 Dales Road.  
Defiance Inn 1996 22-24 Stoke Street
Dog & Partridge 1915 Old Foundry Road  
Dogs Head In The Pot   Dogs Head Street
Dolphin Inn   St Peters Dock  
Duke Of Cambridge Inn   Black Horse Lane  
Duke Of Edinburgh 1937 Waterworks Street  
Duke Of Gloucester 2000 Clapgate Lane.
Duke Of Kent 1965 10 Upper Orwell Street
Duke Of Sussex 1975 2 Cumberland Street
Eagle   67 Wherstead Road.
Eagle Tavern 1977 61-63 Upper Orwell Street
Earl Grey 1955 1 Fore Hamlet  
Earl Roberts 1999 Cox Lane.   
Eclipse Inn   74 Upper Orwell Street
Elephant & Castle   Handford Road  
Elm Bakery 1957 White Elm Street.  
Elm Tavern 1999 Spring Road  
Emperor Inn 2013 293 Norwich Road.
Engineers Arms 1961 29 Bath Street  
EUR 2005 Croft Street.
Falcon   1 Falcon Street.
Feathers 1966 63 Westgate Street  
Ferry   Bath Street  
Fountain 1955 Holywells Road  
Fox & Grapes   Foundation Street  
Fox & Hounds   Tanners Lane  
Fox Inn 1970 45 - 49 Upper Brook Street
Fox Inn   Lower Orwell Street.
Freemasons Tavern 2016 77-79 Victoria Street.   
Friars Head Inn 1972 Friars Road  
Friars Inn 1961 Princes Street  


Fruiterers Arms 1937 50 Rope Walk  
Garland   Humber Doucy Lane.
George Inn   1 Woodhouse Street.   
Giles Tavern   7-11 King Street.
Globe Inn 1958 24 St Georges Street
Golden Fleece Hotel 1962 St Matthews Street  
Golden Key   Woodbridge Road.
Golden Lion   10 Cornhill.  
Grapes   10-12 Tacket Street.
Grapes   Norwich Road  
Grapes Inn   1 - 3 Orford Street  
Great Eastern Railway Hotel   Commercial Road  
Great Eastern 1996 11 Webb Street.
Great White Horse Hotel   43 Tavern Street.
Great Man Inn   John Street  
Green Man   55 Key Street  
Griffin Inn 1951 Black Wall  
Griffon   Handford Road  
Grocers Arms   New Street  
Grosvenor   25 Westgate Street
Grove Tavern 1969 St Helens Street.
Gun Inn 1941 19 Key Street  
Half Moon 1913 Foundation Street  
Half Moon & Star 1985 70-72 St Matthews Street
Hand In Hand 1981 St Peters Street  
Handford Cottage 1974 Handford Road
Handford Rose Inn   126 Handford Road  
Happy Return 1984 Holywells Road
Hare & Hounds 2011 30 Norwich Road.  
Harlequin c2005 Stoke Park Drive.  
Heathlands 2013 Foxhall Road.
Hermit 1922 7-11 King Street
Hornet   Elm Street  
Horse & Groom 2012 104 Woodbridge Road.
Hungry Ghost 1996 1 St Stephens Lane.
Ipswich & Suffolk   2-4 Princes Street.
Ipswich Arms c1900 2 Lower Brook Street.  
Ipswich Arms 1999 145 London Road.  
Ivy Leaf   54 Westgate Street
John Barleycorn 1957 Woodhouse Street  
John Bull 2011 482 Woodbridge Road.
Joiners Arms 1957 Castle Street  
Jubilee   Colman Street  
Kingfisher   301 Hawthorn Drive. Now reopened!!
Kings Arms 1966 1 The Thoroughfare.
Kings Head   Princes Street  
Kings Head   56 Sproughton Road.  
Leopard Inn   59 Crown Street  
Lifeboat Inn 1965 Wherstead Road  
Lion   St Margarets Street.  
Lion & Lamb   Fore Street  
Little Brunswick Tavern   Tacket Street  
Little Crown & Anchor 1920 Gibson Street  
Little Dustpan   Upper Brook Street  
Little Wonder   29-31 Bell Lane  
Live & Let Live 1990s 357 Wherstead Road.  
Lloyds Tavern 2010 22 Lloyds Avenue.
Lock Tavern 1955 New Cut East.  
Lord Chancellor Inn   Greyfriars Road.  
Lord Palmerston 1962 St Matthews Street.
Lord Raglan   208 Woodbridge Road.  
Lyceum Tavern   64 Carr Street.  
Magpie Inn 1900s Wolsey Street.  
Maltsters Arms   Quay Street.  
Malt & Hop   Queen Street.  
Malthouse 1944 Long Street.   
Market Hotel   Princes Street.  
Marlborough Hotel 2003 Henley Road.
Marquis Of Cornwallis 1954 16 Old Foundry Road.
Marsh Tavern 1960 93-95 Princes Street.  
Masons Arms 2015 58-60 Woodbridge Road.  
Maybush 1965 43-45 St Helens Street
Maypole 2014 759 Old Norwich Road.  
Mermaid   Fore Street.
Millers Arms 1936 93-95 Crown Street.  
Mitre   30 Tavern Street.
Mitre Tavern 1975 Saint Helens Street  
Morning Star   41 Upper Orwell Street
Mountain Ash 1959 The Mount.  
Myrtle Tap   Bishops Hill  
Myrtle Inn 1936 118 Fore Hamlet  
Nags Head   Cox Lane  
Neptune Inn 1938 90-92 Fore Street
New Anchor   Austin Street  
New Inn 1926 Regent Street  
Newt & Cucumber   24-26 Falcon Street.
Nightingale   Duke Street  
Nightingale Inn   13-15 John Street  
Norfolk Hotel 1958 Princes Street  
Ocean Queen 1909 Salt House Street  
Old Bell   3 Stoke Street.
Olive Leaf 2012 66 St Helens Street.  
Orwell House   Orwell Place  
Orwell Inn 1961 Lower Orwell Street  
Oxborrows Hotel 1997 35-39 St Peters Street
Pack Horse   24 St Margarets Plain
Phoenix 1962 27 Wingfield Street  
Pickwick Stores   North Gate Street  
Pig & Whistle 1890s Majors Corner  
Pilot   St Peters Dock  
Pipers Vale 1994 Sandy Hill Lane  
Pitts Bar 1997 Nacton Road  
Portobello Inn   39 Upper Orwell Street
Post Chaise Inn 1926 2 Woodbridge Road  
Pot Of Flowers 1939 Wykes Bishops Street  


Primrose Inn   Turret Lane  
Prince Albert Inn 1903 Lady Lane  
Prince Of Orange 1996 10-12 St Margarets Plain. 
Prince Of Wales 1900s 14-20 Fore Street
Princes Arms   Princes Street  
Quadling Arms   Quadling Street  
Queens Head Hotel 1963 St Matthews Street  
Queens Hotel 1971 11 Queen Street
Racecourse 2008 Nacton Road.  
Railway   243 Foxhall Road.  Now reopened!!
Railway Tavern 1989 Burrell Road
Rainbow 1961 St Matthews Street  
Ram Inn   Quay Street
Ranelagh Arms   43 Ranelagh Road.  
Reapers 1937 59 Stoke Street  
Red Lion   St Margarets Street  
Rifleman   Fore Street  
Rising Sun 1961 Princes Street
River Queen 1908 14 Stoke Street  
Robin Hood & Little John   Woodbridge Road  
Rose & Crown 2011 77 Norwich Road.
Rose Inn   Pottery Street  
Rose Hotel 1969 5-7 St Peters Street.
Rose Of England 1967 Woodbridge Road  
Round Of Beef   Carr Street  
Royal George   Tower Ramparts  
Royal Oak   Felixstowe Road.
Royal Oak Inn   7 Northgate Street
Royal Standard 1959 The Mount  
Royal William 1999 141 London Road  
Running Buck 1991 15 St Margarets Plain.
Saddlers Arms   Waterworks Street  
Safe Harbour Inn 1938 45 Borough Road (now Grimwade Street).  
Safe Harbour 1990s Meredith Road.
Salutation Inn   58 Carr Street. Now reopened!!  
Sailors Home   Fore Street  
Saracens Head 1960 St Margarets Green.
Sea Horse Inn   Bank Street  
Shannon Inn 1922 23 St Georges Street
Ship Inn   Back Hamlet  
Shiplaunch   Shiplaunch Road. Reopened as the Golden Ship.
Shoulder Of Mutton   75 Upper Orwell Street.
Sickle   Princes Street  
Silver Star   37 Vernon Street.
Sorrel Horse   121 Fore Street  
Sporting Farmer 2004 100 Princes Street.   
Spotted Cow 1999 Bramford Road.
St Clements Ale Stores 1931 Fore Street  
St Edmunds Head   1 Curriers Lane.
St Helens Pride   110-112 St Helens Street
St Matthews Ale Store 1905 St Matthews Street  
Staff Of Life 1962 48 - 50 Bramford Road
Staff Of Life   Hawes Street  
Star   51 Cemetery Road.  
Star   Upper Brook Street.  
Steam Brewery Inn   39 Upper Brook Street.
Steam Packet Hotel 1960 Duke Street  
Steam Packet Tap   Coprolite Street  
Suffolk Hotel   21 Westgate Street.
Suffolk Stores   Westgate Street  
Sun Inn 1900 17 St Stephens Lane
Swan   43 Woodbridge Road.  
Swan 2018 3-7 King Street.  Now reopened as The Swan & Hedgehog.
Swan Inn   Cecilia Street.   
Tankard Inn 1961 13 Tacket Street
Three Cups Inn 1962 78 Bramford Road
Three Jolly Sailors 2012 Handford Road.
Three Swans Inn 1962 Princes Street  
Three Tuns Inn 1941 79 Commercial Road  
Times Brewery Inn 1938 1 - 7 Borough Road  
Tooley Arms   Foundation Street  
Trafalgar Inn 2002 Spring Road  
Tramway Tavern 1925 76 - 78 Norwich Road  
Two Brewers   78 St Georges Street  
Unicorn Inn 1976 2-4 Orwell Place
Union Jack Inn 1958 St Peters Dock  
Vernon Arms   Vernon Street  
Victoria  2008 1 Civic Drive.
Victoria Tap Hotel 1928 25 Berners Street
Vine   Church Street  
Waggon & Horses 1935 32 Butter Market
Watermans Arms   Foundry Lane  
Waveney Arms   560 Bramford Road  
Waveney Arms   35-37 Norwich Road
Welcome Sailor 1925 Duke Street  
Welcome Stranger 1909 Fore Hamlet  
Wellington 1875 38 Carr Street
Wellington Tap 1906 Cox Lane  
Westgates Commercial Hotel   New Cut East  
Wheatsheaf   24-26 Fore Street
Wheatsheaf 1964 Kemp Street  
Wheatsheaf   Stoke Street  
Wherry Inn   St Peters Dock  
White Elm 1965 Bishops Hill  
White Hart   Tower Ramparts  
White Horse   107 Albion Street.   
White Horse Hotel   Woodbridge Road  
White Lion   Bridge Street  
Withipol Arms 1937 Bolton Lane  
Yarmouth Arms   21 Lower Wolsey Street.  
Zulu Tavern 1965 Wolsey Street  

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