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Lost Pubs In Brighton, Sussex

Name Year Closed Address

Abergavenny Arms

1930s Marine Drive.  

Abingdon Arms

1956 21 Sydney Street.

Abinger Hotel

  142 Kings Road.  

Abyssinia Arms

  91a Edward Street.  

Albany Tavern

  53a West Street.  

Albert Arms

  81 St Georges Road.  

Albion Inn

  7-8 Albion Street.


2014 28 Albion Hill.


  54 Queens Road.

Alexandra Hotel

  94 Lewes Road.

Allen Arms

  106 Lewes Road.

Alliance Tavern

  32 Dean Street.  

Alliance Tavern

  140 Edward Street.

Alma Tavern

  Carlton Hill.  


1945 56 Lavender Street.  


  13 Sussex Street.  


  11 Richmond Street.  


  12 William Street.  

Artillery Arms

1958 22-23 Artillery Place.  

Arundel Castle

1934 104 Islingworld Street.  

Ashton Arms

  Cambridge Street.  

Bag Of Shavings

  29-30 Carlton Hill.  


1914 73 High Street.

Balcony Tavern

  Elm Grove.  


  32 Carlton Street.  

Beach Tavern

  9 South Street.  

Beckenham Tavern

  13 Edward Street.  

Bedford Arms

  10 Bedford Street.  


1939 Regent Hill.  


  Trafalgar Street.  

Belgrave Arms

1936 St George's Road.  

Belmont Arms

1932 43 Cheapside.  

Black Horse

  112 Church Street.  

Black Horse

c2010 16 Montague Place.

Black Lion

1901 46 Church Street.

Black Lion

  47 Mighel Street.  

Black Lion

  77 Gloucester Road.  

Black Prince

  Upper Bedford Street.  

Blacksmiths Arms

1953 44 Upper North Street.  

Blue Posts

  58 North Road.

Branch Tavern

1938 Eastern Road.  

Brassfounders Arms

  Portland Street.  

Brewers Arms

  Carlton Hill  

Brewers Arms

1930 Church Street.  

Brewery Shades

  12-13 Black Lion Street.

Bricklayers Arms

  58 North Road.  

Brighton Arms

  Essex Street  

Brighton Packet

  Steyne Street  


  Cavendish Street  

Brown Jug

1951 York Road North.  

Burlington Arms

  St Georges Road.

Burton Arms

  Russell Street.  

Butchers Arms

  Edward Street.  

Bute Arms

  12 Bute Street.

Cabinet Makers Arms

1946 Wood Street.  

Cadogan Arms

1943 Sloane Street.  


1965 Russell Street.  


1963 Gloucester Road.  

Carlton Arms

1951 Carlton Hill.  

Carpenters Arms

  West Street.  

Castle Inn

  Castle Street.  

Charleville Arms

1919 Gloucester Road.

Chichester Arms

  98 North Road.

Christies Hotel

  West Street.  

City Of Hereford

  29 Upper St James Street.   

City Of London Tavern

  London Street.  

City Of York

  Western Road.  

Claverton Arms

1940 Centurion Road.  

Clifton Arms

  Clifton Terrace.  

Clyde Arms

  25 Bristol Gardens.

Coach & Horses

1922 Gloucester Street.  

Coachmakers Arms

  Trafalgar Street.  

Cobblers Thumb

2013 10 New England Road.  

Corporation  Arms

  88 Richmond Street.  

Corporation  Arms

  4 Gardner Street.  

Cranbourne  Arms

  Cranbourne Street.  

Cross Keys

1961 Cheapside.  

Crown Inn

  63 Queens Road.

Crown Shades

1960 Jubilee Street.  

Cuthbert Tavern

2014 136 Freshfield Road.

Derby Arms

1956 28 Islingword Road.  

Devonshire Arms

c2006 52 Carlton Hill.  

Dog Tray

1980s Edward Street. 

Dolphin Inn

c1971 66 North Road.

Duke Of Connaught

  120 London Road.

Duke Of Wellington

  6 Rose Hill.

Dyke Road Hotel

2016 218 Dyke Road. Now reopened!!  

Eastern Terminus Tavern

1904 168 Eastern Road.  

Eight Bells

1964 49 West Street.  

Elephant & Castle

  London Road.  

Elephant Tavern

1935 Edward Street.  

Elm Grove Tavern

1948 Elm Grove.  

Elms Tavern

1931 Elm Grove.  

Fire Brigade Arms

1936 Cannon Street.  

Fisherman At Home

1920 Russell Street.  

Fitters Arms

  New England Hill.  

Flowing Stream

1953 22-23 Newhaven Street.

Flowing Tide

1931 Cannon Street.

Flying Dutchman

1970s Elm Grove.

Flying Scud

1940 King Street.

Flymans Home

1947 Richmond Street.

Foresters Arms

  Carlton Hill.   


1938 Upper North Street.  


1921 Southover Road.  

Free Butt

  1 Phoenix Place.

Freshfield Inn

  230 Freshfield Inn.

Full Moon

2011 8 Boyces Street.  

Gardeners Arms

c2011 103 Abinger Road.  

Gardeners Arms

1948 Islingword Street.  


c1938 2 Wentworth Street.

Golden Cross

1950s 175 Western Road.  

Good Intent

1936 Albion Hill.  

Great Globe

  Edward Street.  

Hampden Arms

c1970 12 Hampden Road.

Hanbury Arms

2012 83 St Georges Road.

Hanover Arms

1965 Southover Street.  

Heart & Hand

  Ship Street.

Hearts Of Oak

1919 Kensington Place.  


1916 High Street.  

Highbury Barn

1937 Sussex Street.  

Hikers Rest

c2015 Coldean Lane.


  10 Wentworth Street.

Islingword Tavern

1946 Islingword Road.  

Jolly Fisherman

1938 Market Street.  

Lathcleavers Arms

1963 Regent Road.  

Laundry Inn

1919 14-15 Albion Hill.  


2015 5 Pelham Terrace.  

Lennox Arms

1958 Richmond Street.  

Lewes Road Inn

  158 Lewes Road.  

Lion & Unicorn

  Claremont Place.  

Little Globe

  153 Edward Street.

Little Wonder

1923 John Street.  

Live & Let Live

1964 Richmond Street.  

Liverpool Arms

1935 Gloucester Place.  

London Arms

1964 Lennox Street.  

London Unity

2013 131 Islingword Road.

Lord Clyde

1964 Queens Road.  

Lord Nelson

1955 Russell Street.  

Maltsters Arms

1934 Western Road.  

Maltsters Arms

1960s Montague Place.  

Masons Arms

  4 Seymour Street.  

Merry Harriers

1950s New England Street.  

Morning Star

1936 61 Church Street.  

Napoleon III

1903 Cheapside.  

Newmarket Arms

c2015 32 Bear Road.  

Norfolk Castle

1956 North Road.

Norfolk Tavern

1941 Norfolk Street.  

North Star

1879 Peel Place.  

Northern Tavern

2013 85 Ditchling Road.  

Oxford Arms

1942 Oxford Street.  

Pelham Arms

1964 Russell Street.  


1921 Upper Bedford Street.  

Pressure Point

2009 Richmond Terrace.

Prince Arthur

2022 38 Dean Street.  

Prince Of Wales

  Queens Place.

Queens Head

  42 Cheapside.

Race Hill Inn

c2008 1 Lewes Road.

Racehorse Inn

2010s 212 Elm Grove.  

Red Cross

1944 Red Cross Street.  

Red Lion

1917 Kensington Gardens.

Red Lion

  99 North Road.


1917 Church Street.  


  Richmond Place. Now reopened!!

Rising Sun

1934 Carlton Hill.  

Rose & Crown

1942 Rock Street.  

Rose Hill Tavern

2014 70-71 Rose Hill Terrace.

Royal Oak

  46 St James Street.

Royal Standard

c2017 59 Queens Road. Now reopened as Idle Hands.  

Running Horse

1957 Grosvenor Street.  

Sea Serpent

  83 Gloucester Road.

Shakespeares Head

2010s 1 Spring Street.  

St Georges Tavern

1942 Upper Bedford Street.  

St George & Dragon

1932 George Street.  

Sea House

  South Street.  

Seymour Arms

1913 Norfolk Place.  


1912 Bond Street.   

Ship Inn

  Lewes Road.  

Sir John Falstaff

1940 Albion Hill.  


  189 Carden Avenue.

Somerset Arms

  58 St Georges Road.

Somerset Arms

1965 11 Somerset Street.  

South Coast Tavern

  38 Trafalgar Street.  

Sportsmans Call

1956 Kings Street.  

Spread Eagle

2013 20 Albion Hill.  

Spring Tavern

1918 Church Street.  

Square Compass

1919 Over Street.  


  33 Upper Bedford Street.

Star Of Brunswick

  32 Brunswick Street.

Star Tavern

1932 95 Carlton Hill.

Sussex Arms

1959 12 Gardner Street.  

Temple Inn

  2 Victoria Road. 

Toby Inn

  Cowley Drive.  

Thatched House

1939 Black Lion Street.  

Union Inn

  28 Gloucester Road.

United Service

1963 Elm Grove.  


2008 31 Richmond Road.

Volunteer Artilleryman

1915 Oxford Street.  

Vulcan Tavern

1936 Edward Street.

Waggoners Rest

1933 Islingword Road.  

West Hill Inn

  54 West Hill Street.

Western Star

1933 Trafalgar Street.  

Whichelo Arms

1933 Whichelo Place.  

White Admiral

  Taunton Road.

White Lion

  Queens Road.

Whitehawk Inn

  Whitehawk Road.  


1974 Gloucester Road.


1949 Guildford Street.

Yacht Anchor

1930 Sussex Street.   

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