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Lost Pubs In Norwich, Norfolk

Name Year Closed Address  


1930 13 White Lion Street.  

Albert Tavern

  51 Devonshire Street.  


  31 Gentlemans Walk.  


1934 4 St Benedicts Street.

Alexandra Tavern

1930 Derby Street.  


  21 Golden Ball Lane.  


1887 4 Ten Bells Lane.


  6 Coslany Square.  


  Silver Road.  

Anchor Of Hope

  114 Oak Street.  

Arabian Horse

1908 70 Oak Street.  

Arcade Stores

  24 Royal Arcade.  

Bakers Arms


Bakers Arms

2009 St Leonards Road.

Bakers Arms

  213 Heigham Street.  


  Waterloo Road.  

Bank Tavern

  8 Bank Street.  

Barking Dickey

  20 Westlegate Street. Later became a greengrocers, then a bank.  


  1 Dereham Road.  

Baron Of Beef

  32 Gentlemans Walk.  

Bedford Arms

1975 13 Bedford Street.


1935 67 St Benedicts Street.  

Bess O'Bedlam

  80 Oak Street.  

Bird Cage


Bird In Hand

1939 49 Millers Lane  


  315 Drayton High Road.  

Bishops Bridge Inn

  Riverside Road.  

Black Bull

1932 5-7 Magdalene Street.

Black Eagle


Black Horse

1969 10a Wensum Street.

Black Horse

  115 Heigham Street.  

Black Prince

  41 Market Place. Demolished in the 1930s.  


1965 21 Lower Goat Lane.


2019 20 Cowgate.

Boars Head

1974 2 Surrey Street.

Bold Napier

1939 Trafalgar Street.  

Bolingbroke Stores

  66 London Street.  

Branford Stores

2011 3 Branford Road.


  4a Riverside.  

Bricklayers Arms

  38 Bull Street.  


  41 Golding Place.  


1936 71-73 Botolph Street.

Britons Arms

1940s 9 Elm Hill.

Buck Inn

  55 Yarmouth Road.

Buff Coat

  21 Cattle Market Street.  

Builders Arms

1968 52-54 King Street.


  69 St Stephens Street..  


  5 Magdalen Street.  


  40 Bull Close.  

Bulls Head

  135 Ber Street.  


  27 St Augustines Street.

Butchers Arms

  86 Ber Street.


  107 Watling Road.  

Cardinals Cap

  86 St Benedicts Street.  

Carpenters Arms

  Thorn Lane.  

Cat & Fiddle

  105 Magdalene Street.

Cellar House

  105 Barrack Street.  

Cherry Tree

  Hall Road.  

Cherry Tree

  43 Pitt Street.  

Clarence Harbour

  81 Carrow Road.  

Coach & Horses

1984 3 Red Lion Street.  


  32 King Street.  

Cock Inn

  Long John Hill.

Cock & House


Cock & Pye



  4 Upper King Street.  

Corn Exchange Vaults

  25 Exchange Street.


  The Close.  

Crayshaw Arms

  95 Philadelphia Lane.  

Cricketers Arms

  15 Red Lion Street.


1927 29 Elm Hill.


1940s 117 St Benedicts Street.


  1 Goldwell Road.  

Crown & Anchor

1936 123 St Georges Street.  

Crown & Angel

  41 St Stephens Street.  

Crown & Magpie

  Catton Grove Road.  

Cupids Bow

  23 St Martins Palace Plain.


2006 147 Churchill Road. Now demolished.  

Dial House

  131 Dereham Road.  


2001 252 Heigham Street
Dove   24 Gentlemans Walk.  
Dove Holes      
Dragons Cave   249-251 King Street.  
Duke Of Connaught   72 Prince Of Wales Road.  
Duke Of Marlborough   29 Fishergate.  
Duke Of Norfolk 2009 Mousehold Lane.  
Duke Of Sussex   42 Botolph Street.  
Duke Of York   Bishop Bridge Road.  
Duke Tavern   12 Tombland.  
Dukes Palace   7 Duke Street.  
Dun Cow   167 Oak Street.  
Duncan Arms 1936 49 Magdalen Street.  
Eagle 1935 5 St Gregorys Alley  
Earl Of Leicester 2005 Dereham Road.  
Eight Ringers   14 Oak Street.  
Elm Tavern 2008 118 Magdalen Road.   
Evening Gun   7 Rosary Road.  
Exchange Hotel   4 Exchange Street.  
Excise Coffee House   18 Lower Goat Lane.  
Fellmonger   90 Oak Street.  
Ferry Boat Inn 2006 191 King Street.
Ferry House   Lower Close.  
Festival House   2 St Georges Street.  
Firs 2009 Cromer Road.
Fleece   8 Bridewell Alley.  
Flower Pot   127 Oak Street.  
Fountain   89 St Benedicts Street.
Fox & Hounds 1937 153 Ber Street.
Free Trade   11 St Augustines Street.
Free Trade Tavern   33 St Peters Street.
Freed Man 2015 112 St Mildreds Road.
Fruiterers Arms 1989 2-4 White Lion Street.
Gardeners Arms 1936 Magdalen Street.
George & Dragon   18 Haymarket.
George & Dragon   32 School Lane.
Gibraltar Gardens Heigham Street. Now reopened!!
Golden Ball 18 Cattle Market Street.
Golden Can 90 St Georges Street.
Golden Dog 1933 34 Magdalen Street.
Golden Lion 280 King Street.
Good Companions   171 Earlham Green Lane.  


Grapes Hotel   1 Earham Road.
Great Eastern   75 St Stephens Street.  
Green Hills   Green Hill Road. Now a private dwelling.  
Green Man   131 King Street.  
Greyhound   102-104 Ber Street. Publican in 1864 was John Nichols.  
Griffin   82-86 Barrack Street.  
Griffin   212 Yarmough Road.
Griffin   64 Prince Of Wales Road.  
Grove   Cadge Road.  
Haymarket Stores   10 White Lion Street.  
Horse & Dray   137 Ber Street.
Horse & Groom   26 Princes Street.  
Hectors House   18 Bedford Street.  
Horse Shoes   21 Palace Street.  
Ipswich Tavern   4 St Stephens Plain.  
Ironmongers Arms 2003 Lobster Lane.
Jack Of Newbury 1971 19 Fye Bridge Road.
James I 2008 Drayton Road.
Jekyll & Hyde 1996 South Park Avenue.  
Jenny Lind   20 Gentlemans Walk.  
Jolly Brewers   134 Magdalen Street.  
Jolly Butchers   125 Ber Street.  
Jolly Gardeners   Waterloo Road.
Jolly Maltsters   255 King Street.
Keel & Wherry 1964 21 King Street.
Kensington Gardens   Mill Street.  
Ketts Tavern   29 Ketts Hill.
Key & Castle   Oak Street.  
Kimberley Arms 2015 Kimberley Street.
KIng Edward VII   Aylsham Road.
King Of Hearts   7-15 Fye Bridge Road.  
King George IV   72 Ber Street.  
Kings Arms 1968 8 Ber Street.
Kings Arms 1932 St Martins At Oak.  
Kings Arms   39 Botolph Street.  
Kings Arms   100 Mile Cross Road. 
Kings Head   8 Castle Street.
Kings Head   63 St Georges Street.  
Kings Head   93 Upper St Giles Street.  
Kingsway   249-251 King Street.  
Kitcheners Arms   St Peters Street.  
Labour In Vain   2 Guildhall Hill.  
Lacon Arms   Junction Road.  
Larkman   566 Dereham Road. Demolished to make way for an Aldi food store.  
Lathrenders Arms   91 King Street.  
Lion   31 Cattle Market Street.  
Lion & Castle 1997 West Pottergate.  
Little John   Armes Street.  
Lock & Key   91 Ber Street.  
London Tavern   1 St Andrews Hill.  
Lord Camden   13 Charing Cross.  
Lord Howe   6 St Benedicts Street.  
Lord Raglan   30 Bishop Bridge Road.
Louis Marchesi   Tombland.
Magpie 2006 34 Magpie Road.
Man On The Moon 1980s Reepham Road.  
Mancroft Arms   39 Mancroft Street.  
Manor House   Drayton Road.  
Marquis Of Granby   131 Barrack Street.
Marquis Of Lothian 1985 Lothian Street.
Masonic Tavern   24 Elm Hill.
Mile Cross   Aylsham Road.
Mill House 2012 12 Laundry Lane.
Mill Tavern 2002 2 Millers Lane.
Mitre Tavern   131 Earlham Road.
Monument House   26 Exchange Street.
Moon & Stars   23 Duke Street.
Morrison Lodge 2004 19 Harvey Lane.
Mortimers Hotel   34 St Giles Street.
Mounted Volunteer   Bull Cloe Road.
Music House 1932 King Street.
Nags Head   33 Crown Street.  
Nelson Monument   66 King Street.  
Nelson Tavern 1918 17 Bedford Street.
New Inn 2003 19 Finkelgate. Now a shop.  
New Star   8 Quayside.  
New Theatre Stores 1937 Lower Goat Lane.  
Norfolk Tavern   8 Exchange Street.  
Nursery Tavern   Nelson Street.  
Oak Shades   11 Lower Goat Lane.  
Old Barge   123 King Street.  
Old Crome 1980s St Augustines Street.  
Old Rosemary   1 Rosemary Lane.  
Old White Lion 2005 73 Oak Street. Now reopened as The White Lion.  
Opie House   26 Castle Meadow.  
Orchard Tavern   26 Heigham Street.  
Orford Yard   Red Lion Street.  
Pelican Inn   Colegate.  
Pheasant Cock   244 Queens Road.  
Philadelphia Arms   Waterloo Road.  
Pineapple   63 Bracondale.
Plumbers Arms   20 Princes Street.  
Portland Arms   Southwell Road.  
Prince Of Wales 1965 34 St Benedicts Street.
Prince Of Wales   39 St Augustines Street.  
Quebec 2018 Quebec Road.
Queen Anne   57 Colegate.  
Queen Charlotte 2009 286 Dereham Road.  
Queen Of Hungary   49 St Benedicts Street.  
Queen Victoria 1960s Stump Cross.  
Queens Head   90 Upper St Giles Street.  
Raven   1 St Giles Street. Latterly known as Refreshers and now used as a pizzeria.  
Raven   86 King Street.  
Rampant Horse Inn   Rampant Horse Street.  
Recruiting Sergeant 1932 Ber Street.
Red House   33 Timber Hill.
Red Lion   63 London Street.
Red Lion 1937 19 Magdalen Street.
Red Lion 2001 127 Yarmouth Road.
Red Rose 1934 Back Of The Inns.
Redan   129 Thorpe Road.
Richmond Hill Tavern 1930 Bracondale
Rifleman   1 Cross Lane.
Rising Sun   Chapelfield Road.
Roebuck   Southwell Road.  
Romany   Coleman Road.  
Rosary Tavern 2009 95 Rosary Road.
Rose   5 St Augustines Street.  
Rose   Magdalen Street.  
Rose Tavern 1933 Wymer Street.  
Roundwell   New Costessey.
Royal Oak 2012 122 North Walsham Road.  
Royal Oak   46 King Street.  
Royal Oak   62 St Augustines Street.  
Ship   168 Kings Street.  
Shoemakers 2005 Earlham West Centre. Opened in 1955.  
Southwell Arms   Hall Road.  
Sportsman   Barrack Street.  
Spread Eagle 2010 Sussex Street.
Spread Eagle   22 Haymarket.  
Steam Packet 1931 92 King Street.
Staff Of Life   72 St Augustines Street.  
Stanley Arms   10-12 Bridewell Alley.  
Sun Stores   13 St Giles Street.  
Sussex Arms   42 St Augustines Street.  
Swan   68 King Street.  
Swan   Magpie Road.  
Thorn Tavern c.2000  25 Ber Street.
Three Cranes   34 The Close.  
Three Kings 1968  46 St Benedicts Street.
Three Tuns 1969 60 King Street.
True Briton 1930 Catton.  
True Comrades 1949 7 Bedford Street.
Turkey Cock 1962 40 Elm Hill. 
Two Brewers   151 Magdalen Street.  
Vauxhall Tavern   Vauxhall Street.  
Victoria Stores   19 Westwick Street.  
Victory   47 Dereham Road.  
Vine   3 Haymarket.  
Vineyard   16 Magdalen Street.
Vineyard   2 St Benedicts Street.
Volunteer Tavern 325 Earlham Road.
Wellington Tavern 1929 Wellington Lane.
Whip & Nag   89 Duke Street.
White Cottage   18 Penn Grove.
White Lion 1950s 106 Benedict Street.
White Lion   135 Magdalen Street.
White Lion   59 Bethel Street.
White Swan   Swan Lane.
William IV   Shadwell Street.
Winecoopers Arms   30 St Augustine Street.
Woodcock   35 Woodcock Road.  
Woolpack 2008 2 Muspole Street.
Woodside 2010 Plumstead Road.
Worlds End 1907 6 Worlds End Lane.  
Wrestlers 1935 58 Barrack Street.  
Ye Borrows Head   77 Upper St Giles Street.  
Yeoman   107 Salhouse Road.  
York Tavern   2 Castle Meadow.  

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