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Caernarvon Castle

Picture source: bobbybray.com

The Caernarvon Castle was situated at 7  Chalk Farm Road. This pub had been the Fusilier & Firkin then the Camden Rock Café at the time of closure. It was then converted into a clothes shop called G-Heaven which was gutted in the Great Fire of Camden on the night of Saturday 9th February 2008. Now demolished, the site is occupied by a row of huts selling take-away Asian street food. The photo below shows water being pumped into the pub the day after the fire.
As a recently-graduated American college student on his first trip to the U.K. in 1988, I had the pleasure of visitin the Caernarvon Castle, in Camden Town one early Sunday during Market Day. My friends who were living in Chalk Farm took me to see Wolfie Witcher “Gummin on his gob iron” and told me to go to the bar and order “two jars of snakebite.” I asked, “what the **** is snakebite?” to which they responded, “just buy the drink, idiot!” I did, and over the course of the late morning/early afternoon, we danced our young asses of to Wolfie, and I was introduced to the joys of snakebite, the results of which proved to be a two day break in my travels to recover! I never got back to the Castle, but I will never, ever forget this most classy of down ‘n dirty pubs. We called it going to church that day, and going to church has ever after meant the Caernarvon Castle to me.
Chris Soholt, Riverside, California (March 2014)

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Name Dates Comments
Sheila Prenderville 1971-1973  
Gavin Middleton 1986-1987 So sad to see the demise of my work place/home for 10 months in the 1980's. Live music lots of Kiwis great publican Jamie lost contact with everyone very happy memories.
Gary Till 1970s My dad Charlie Till ran the pub in the early 70,s, it was rough house, before. Monopoly a band who went on to win the tv show new faces and then its subsequent all winners show, packed out the pub. Dingwall market had just started, a handful of stalls only inhabited the run down canal wharf. The first camden music festival was refused a bar license , we provided the booze on a makeshift bar,four empty crates and two scaffolding planks,
Frances Hayes 1988-1990 Used to visit it every sunday morning, brilliant band called Jimmy Classic and the side kicks used to play there. So many happy memories, still have the t-shirt I bought there.
Sheila c.1972 Customer in my early 20s - met my "one that got away" in here - you know who you are.
Michelle Churchland (nee Proctor) 1992/1993 Was member of bar staff, lived in, on top floor (was working there for few months and on the awesome last night just before they closed for renovations, turning it into another bland and boring chain-store firkin pub. Great pub, happy memories!
Steve The Mod 1990s-2000s I used to drink & watch the bands in this pub every Saturday. I remember seeing bands like 100% and Metalworks. So many great memories. I am trying to make contact with an old friend who worked in there around this time, her name was Maria and I believe her surname was Andersson. She was from Sweden, she also worked with a girl from Australia called Rebecca around this time. If anybody has any info or contact details, please get in touch.
Mal Green 1990-1991 Played a few gigs there with my first band. We travelled from Manchester and did a few places including the George Roby and Rock Garden. We were a 4 piece Indie band. I remember buying the coolest shades from Camden Market and a couple of bootleg CD’s - happy days!
Peter Gillingham 1982-1995 Customer, regularly on Sunday for Iain Campbell band, remember Jamie as a great landlord, happy memories of the place.
Trevor Doughty 1989-1992 Lived and died in this glorious, 7 nights a week blues bar. When I first walked in I knew I'd arrived! Got engaged on stage one Sunday lunchtime with the 'Fabulous Marauders' playing, and whilst wearing the T-shirt, bumped into a Aussie patron on the steps of the Taj Mahal. It was that kinda pub! We campaigned to keep our 'home' open, but alas, it closed in '92. Great music, people and memories!
Chris Johnson 1983-1990 Always tried to drop in when the great Wolfie Witcher and Brew were playing, nothing better to have a weekend with live music, a beer and a good crowd. My non working saturdays always started in the Carnarvon and finished in Dingwall's or the Dublin. Good memories at the Carnarvon with great sounds.
Jo Pitman 1974-1981 David and Hazel Pitman were the publicans. from 1974 for seven years. They had live music on Sunday afternoons. Singers were encouraged to get up and do a turn
Eugene Gogs Lyons 1988-1991 Used to go there every weekend. Great place, great bands, great people. Saw Eric Bell and the sunsets, Poor boys, Fabulous Marauders to name but a few. Many fond memories.
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