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Grove Tavern

Date of photo: 1970s

Picture source: Timothy Keane


The Grove Tavern was situated at 43-44 Beauchamp Place. This pub closed c.2015 when it was known as The Beauchamp. Previously JJ Murphys.
Source: T C
I, like many, worked at Harrods, just down the road in the 1970s, and The Grove was my usual lunchtime haunt. In those days drinking in your lunch break, within reason, was quite normal! I can’t be sure, but the guy in the middle of the photo with his hands in his pockets could well be me.
It was a small pub but it had oodles of character and was one of the few where you got to know the regulars and felt part of a community. I remember a couple of ‘old boys’ (my age now), maybe called Ron, Reg or Stan, I can’t quite remember, who occupied the same space at the bar daily. They became surrogate fathers - always interested in us and offering not always sound parental advice. Ron introduced me to the joys and waste of money of the Football Pools. (Photos attached).
On a sunny day we would sit on the benches outside. The Grove produced probably the best Scotch eggs I’ve ever tasted but occasionally, when in an impish frame of mind, we would launch said eggs at one of the numerous coaches wending their way down the narrow street full of tourists. We enjoyed the looks of panic as the eggs splattered on the windows. Nothing personal, we were just young. How many times were we asked directions to “Bochamp Place” and feigned ignorance of its existence.
Richard Dipple, the Landlord, was a memorable character with a dry, deadpan sense of humour. One day I had been attempting to buy a ‘packet of three’ from the vending machine in the Gents. It took my money but produced nothing. I told Richard, quietly, of the problem. “Leave it to me, dear boy”, he replied. Off he went and loud banging could then be heard from the toilets. A minute later Richard returned triumphantly holding a packet of condoms high above his head. “Who was the young man who was complaining that the machine in the Gentleman’s lavatory wasn’t working?” he said in a loud voice. The pub erupted into laughter, I tried to make myself look small.
Those were happy carefree days and I suppose The Grove was my first true ‘local’. I frequented it from about 1973 to 1977 with many lads and lasses from Harrods. As the song goes: “those were the days, my friends, we thought they’d never end..”. I’m sorry it is now closed.
Ben Nicholls (March 2021)

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Name Dates Comments
Christina Boyle 1970/1972 I worked as a barmaid for 2 years in The Grove Tavern from around 1970-1972. Mr Richard Dipple was the name of the publican at that time. It was a fantastic, interesting place to work and live, with many well known, famous people frequenting the pub, or shopping in Beauchamp Place. The street was famous for it’s restaurants and shops. I have many fond memories of then.
Victoria Kihlstrom 1971/1983 I grew up in this pub. My father was the landlord, Richard Dipple.