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Lost Pubs In Plymouth, Devon

Name Year Closed Information
Admiral Stopford Devonport Road. Now in residential use.
Albert 32 Charlotte Street.
Albert Oak c.1978 76 Ebrington Street.
Albion Inn 1950s 18 Pembroke Street.
Antelope Union Street.
Ashley Arms 15-16 Ashley Place.
Athenaeum Hotel Union Street.
Avondale Arms 2011 St Levan Road. Now reopened!!
Bakers Arms c.1960 Duke Street, Devonport.
Barbican Tavern 2011 Looe Street. Now reopened as The Porter.
Barley Sheaf King Street.
Barley Sheaf 1940s Catherine Street, Devonport.
Barnstaple Inn 1950s Princess Street.
Battery Inn 66 East Street.
Bear Inn 1998 Devonport.
Beaufort Hotel 1940s Union Street.
Bedford Vaults 1960s Old Town Street.
Big Lamp 1940s Treville Street.
Bird In Hand Devonport.
Birkhead Hotel 48 Union Street.
Black Lion 1928 106 Exeter Street.
Black Prince   8 Laira Place.
Blue Monkey 2000 Crownhill Road.
Boscawen Inn 1923 1 Boscawen Inn, Devonport.
Breakwater Inn 1997 Farnham Place, Cattedown.
Brewery Tap 2011 99 Edgcumbe Street. Now reopened!!
Bristol Inn 1931 51 Pembroke Street, Devonport.  
Britannia Inn 2010 Octagon Street.
Brown Bear 20 Chapel Street.
Brunel Hotel 1940s 14 Milbay Road.  
Brunswick 1940s 3 Barbican.
Buckingham Inn 1926 12 Buckingham Place.
Builders Arms 1931 9 Regent Street.
Bulls Head 141 King Street.
Burkhead Hotel 26 Union Street.
Burton Boys   113-115 Exeter Street.
Butchers Arms 1950s Cross Street, Devonport.
Butchers Arms 1910s Tavistock Road.
Butchers Arms 160 Cremyll Street.
Cambridge Arms Cambridge Street.
Camels Head 1988 Wolseley Road.
Caprera Hotel 1927 George Street.
Cardiff Arms 2013 Harwell Street.
Carlton Inn 1940s St Aubyn Street.
Castle Union Street.
Caxton Arms King Street.
Charlotte Street Ale Store 32 Charlotte Street.
Chester Cup 1970s Union Street.
Chester Cup Market Avenue, Stonehouse.
Chester Cup 1940s Radford Place.
Chimes Tavern Catherine Street.
Chubb Hotel Oldtown Street.
City Tavern 1940s St James Terrace.
Clarence 2010 31 Clarence Place.  Now reopened!!
Clowance Inn Clowance Street.
Commercial Inn   2 Newport Street.
Compton Inn   77 Priory Road.  
Cooperage   134 Vauxhall Street.
Coopers Arms 15 Wolsdon Street.
Corn Exchange 1940s Market Alley.
Corner House 2009 New George Street.
Cornish Arms 1890s Pembroke Street. Now demolished.
Cornwalls Gate   71 Normandy Way.
Cousins Hotel 1925 George Street.
Criterion Inn 6 Union Street.
Crown & Anchor Barbican.
Crown & Column 2008 Ker Street.
Crown & Sceptre Buckwell Street.
Crown Adelaide Street.
Crown Hotel 2000s Chapel Street.
Crown Inn 1930 Tamar Street, Devonport.
Crown Vaults Stonehouse.
Crystal Palace Vaults 1940s Charlotte Street.
Dartmoor Inn 1900 Tavistock Road.
Devon Inn 3 Buckwell Street.
Devonport Railway Hotel Fore Street.
Dock Gates Inn Fore Street. When demolished the bodies of sailors, murdered by the landlord for profit, were discovered.
Druids Arms 1954 Russell Street.
Duke Of Cornwall c. 1954 71 High Street, Stonehouse.
Duke Of Somerset 2009 Wolsdon Street.
Duke Of Wellington Hotel   William Street.  
Duke Street Inn 1958 Duke Street.
Eagle   Commercial Road. Now reopened!!
East & West Country House Barbican.
Elephant & Castle Catherine Street.
Empire Inn 1952 7 Cambridge Street.
Faithful Irishmen Barbican.
Falcon Inn 22 Melville Road. Now converted to residential use.
Falstaff Inn 1941 1 George Place.
Famous Firkin 2009 Adelaide Place. Now reopened!!
Farley Hotel 1940s Union Street.
Farmers Home 1950 Drake Street.
Fawn   39 Prospect Street.
Fellowship 2010 7 Trevethick Road.
Ferry House Inn Tamar Street.
Field Battery Inn 1931 32 Granville Street, Devonport.
First & Last Exeter Street. Now used as a restaurant.
Fishermans Arms 2014 31 Lambhay Street. Now reopened!!
Fishermans Arms 1940s Richmond Walk.
Flora Inn 1941 Flora Street.
Fonda 1930 12 Barrack Street, Devonport.
Foresters Arms 2016 44 Fore Street, Plympton.
Foresters Arms 1940s Albert Road.
Fountain Inn 1940s Frankfort Gate.
Francis Arms 2013 10 Francis Street.
Frederick Inn 1939 Frederick Street.
Freemasons Arms 26 John Street, Morice Town.
Friary Hotel Exeter Street.
Friendship Inn 1926 35 Cannon Street, Devonport.
Friendship Inn c.2008 170 Albert Road.
Galatea Inn 1960s 81-82 King Street.
George Inn 1926 113 Pembroke Street, Devonport.
Globe Hotel 1890s Bedford Street.
Globe Inn 1928 11 Market Street, Devonport.
Gloucester Inn Gloucester Street.
Golden Fleece 1940s East Street.
Golden Lion 1940s 91 Fore Street, Devonport.
Good Companions 2008 Mayflower Street.
Grand Theatre   Union Street.
Greyhound 1983 16 Millbay Road.
Gypsy Tent 1936 Albert Road.
Haddington 28 Benbow Street.
Half Moon 1997 59 Pembroke Street.
Ham Street Vaults 1972 Hampton Street.
Harris Hotel 1940s Millbay Road.
Harvest Home 1964 Tavistock Road.
Hele Arms 2010 34 Market Road.
Hen & Chicken King Street.
Himalaya Inn 1954 37 Pembroke Street, Devonport.
Hobart Arms 1940s 59 East Street.
Impregnable Inn James Street, Devonport.
James Street Vaults Kirby Place.
Jubilee Hotel Exeter Street.
Kings Ale & Porter Stores 1926 62 Albert Road, Devonport.
Kings Arms 1990s Pembroke Street, Devonport.
Laira Inn 1950s Marsh Mills.
Lifeboat Tavern 1940s Fore Street.
Lion & Column   Ham Green Lane.
Lockyer Tavern 1982 Lockyer Street.
London Spirit Vaults 1940s Princes Street.
Long Room Admiralty Street.
Lord Clarendon Summerland Place.
Lord Hood King Street.


Lord Raglan 1926 22 Pym Street, Devonport.
Lord Warden 1931 Battery Street.
Mail Inn 1940s Treville Street.
Marlborough Hotel c.1970 Marlborough Street.
Marquis Of Granby 30 Granby Street, Devonport.
Masonic Buckwell Street.
Mayflower Hotel 1941 The Barbican.
Mechanics Arms 2010 East Street.
Mermaid Inn 2012 Frogmore Avenue. Also known as The Vale.  
Modbury Inn   Exeter Street.
Military Arms 1940s Fore Street.
Morice Town Vaults William Street.
Musketry Arms 1928 56 Pembroke Street.
Mutley Crown 9-11 Mutley Plain. Now a Sainsburys Local store.
Mutley Tavern 14 Furzehill Road. Now used as student accommodation.
Nags Head Buckwell Street.
Napier Fore Street.
Napoleon Inn 1940s Higher Street.
Naval Reserve 1923 High Street.  
New Crown Inn 1928 43 Garden Street.  
New Inn 1890s Morshead Road.  
New London Inn 1940s Fore Street.  
New Pier Inn   240 St James Street.  
Newmarket Hotel 1941 Cornwall Street, Devonport.  
Newport Inn   Edinburgh Road.  
Newtown Hotel   Coburg Street.
Nicholsons 1936 George Street.  
Noahs Ark 1941 Saltash Street.
No Place Inn 2000s North Road West.
North Country Pink 4 Barbican. 
North Star Inn 1929 145 North Road.
Notley Inn 1963 Ebrington Street.
Ocean Mail   Milbay Road.
Old Four Castles Old Town Street.
Old Road Inn Old Laira Road. 
Olive Branch 1990s 15 Wyndham Street East.
Oporto Wine & Spirits Vaults 1928 11 James Street, Devonport.
Ordnance Arms 1926 11 Queen Street, Devonport.
Orlando Inn 1923 2 Union Street.
Painters Arms Higher Battery Street.
Palmerston Inn 1926 18 York Street.
Passage House Inn Cattedown Road.
Patna 2012 1 Patna Place.
Pear Tree 2008 Devonport Road.
Pennycomequick 2007 Central Park Avenue.
Penrose Inn c.2000 1 Penrose Street.  
Pethicks Wine Vaults 1940s Fore Street.  
Phoenix 2010 Phoenix Street.
Plume Of Feathers Albany Street, Devonport.
Plymouth Arms 55 Southside Street.
Portland Inn   29 James Street.
Poseda Bars 1940s Union Street.
Post Office Inn 1940s Market Place.
Post Office Inn 1940s Market Street, Devonport.
Prince Albert 2013 Marlborough Street.
Prince Alfred 2008 Adelaide Place.
Prince Arthur Union Street.
Prince George 1939 Chapel Street.
Prince George 14 Vauxhall Street.
Prince Of Wales 1951 4 Russell Street.
Prince Of Wales 1928 3 Armada Street.
Prince Of Wales Keyham Road.
Prince Regent 18 Union Street.
Princess Royal 1924 13 Cornwall Street, Devonport.
Princess Royal 1940s Notte Street.
Prospect Inn   Prospect Street.  
Providence Inn   Deptford Place.  
Pym Arms   16 Pym Street.
Queens Arms 1940s 55 Southside Street.
Queens Head Hotel   13 Duke Street.
Queens Hotel c.1988 Edgcumbe Street. 
Railway Inn 1996 Waterloo Street.
Red Cow Inn 1934 30 Barrack Street, Devonport.
Red Lion Cambridge Street.
Red Lion Chapel Street.
Regent Hotel Exeter Street.
Revenue Marlborough Street, Devonport.
Richmond Inn c.1870 Richmond Street.
Riflemans Arms 1926 167 King Street.
Ring O Bells 19th c. Woolster Street. 
Rising Sun 1986 Plymouth Road.
RN Hospital Inn High Street.
Robert Burns King Street.
Robin Hood 1961 St Marys Street.
Rose & Crown 51 Old Town Street. 
Rose & Crown 96 Pembroke Street.
Royal Albert Hotel 1941 Martin Terrace.
Royal Adelaide 1990s Adelaide Street.
Royal Alfred   William Street.  
Royal Exchange   Pembroke Street.
Royal Marine 1990s 17 Torridge Way.  
Royal Reserve Inn   Higher Street.
Royal Sovereign 1870s Pembroke Street.
Royal Sovereign   39 Union Street.
Royal Standard William Street.
Russell Arms   11 Russell Square.
Salisbury Hotel 1940s Phoenix Street.  
Shades 1940s York Street, Devonport.  
Ship Millbay Road.
Ship Inn 1930s 38 John Street.
Shipwrights Arms 13 Sutton Road.
Shipwrights Arms Turnchapel.
Sidmouth Inn 1926 48 Cambridge Street.
Sir Charles Napier 1929 13 Armada Street.
Sir Francis Drake Mount Street.
Spread Eagle 1929 43 Cumberland Street.
Spread Eagle Kinterbury Street.
St Aubyns Arms Albert Street, Devonport.
St Aubyns Vaults 1935 St Aubyns Street.
St Aubyns Wine & Spirit Vaults 1950s St Aubyns Street.
St Budeaux Inn Crownhill Road. Later known as the Blue Monkey and now demolished.
St Georges Tavern 14 St Mary Street.
Standard Inn 23 Queen Street.
Star Of The West 7 Brownlow Street.
Steam Bridge Inn Moon Street.
Steam Packet Inn 13 Vauxhall Street.
Steam Reserve Inn 6 William Street.
Stoke Vaults 1990s 33 Waterloo Street.
Stonehouse Vaults   Market Street.  
Stonemasons   Lower Street, Sutton Harbour. Now demolished.  
Stonemasons Arms 2008 142 Albert Road.
Sugar Refinery Inn   Saltash Street.
Sunderland & Liverpool 1933 5 Tamar Street, Devonport.
Swan 1997 Cornwall Street, Devonport.
Swan Of Avon 1925 George Street.
Talbot Hotel 1980s Union Street.
Tamar Inn 1890s Morshead Road.
Tandem Inn King Street.
Tavistock Hotel 1941 Tavistock Street, Devonport.
Thistle Rose & Shamrock King Street.
Thomas' Hotel 1940s Fore Street.
Tiger 2007 Dorchester Avenue. Demolished and replaced by housing.
Town Hall Vaults 1940s Westwell Street.
Tradesmans Arms 1925 76 Union Street.
Trafalgar Hotel 2007 Ebrington Street. Now reopened as Bread & Roses.
Trelawney Arms 2009 Wolseley Road.
Turks Head 1865 1 St Andrew Street.
Two Trees   88 Fore Street, Devonport.
United Service Inn   Lambhay Hill.
Unity 2004 50 Eastlake Street. 
Valletort Inn c.2000 1a Claremont Street.
Valletort Inn 20 Oxford Place.
Victoria Hotel George Street.
Victoria Inn 2011 27 Hooe Road.
Victory c.2005 Farm Lane. Now reopened!!
Victory Inn Gloucester Street.
Welcome Inn 29 Richmond Street.
Wellington Hotel 1990s Wellington Street.
Wellington Hotel Union Street.
Welshmans Arms The Barbican.
West Indies Union Street.
Western 1 Fore Street.
Westminster Hotel 1941 The Crescent.
Weston Mill 2011 57 Bridwell Road. Now reopened!!
Which You Please Inn 1973 Keyham Road.
White Lion 1995 12 Clarence Place.
White Lion   King Street, Devonport.  
White Swan 1960s George Street, Devonport.  
William IV 1929 28 Cornwall Street.  
Windsor Arms 1940s Windsor Lane.  
Wine & Spirits Vault c.1995 Ker Street, Devonport.
Wolsden Inn 2000s Wolsden Street.
Woodland Fort c.2005 Butt Park Road.
Woodman Inn   King Street.
Wyndham Inn   17 Stoke Road.

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