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Home > London > E14: Poplar & Isle Of Dogs

Lost Pubs In London, E14: Poplar & Isle Of Dogs

Name Year Closed Information
Aberfeldy   25-32 Aberfeldy Street.
Admiral   221 East India Dock Road.

African Queen

2002 46 Grundy Street.


  41 London Street.  


  101 Salmon Lane.  


  66 Three Colt Street.  


  25 Upper North Street.


  16 West India Dock Road.  


  27 Cobden Street.  


  96 Grundy Street.  
Anchor 162 Chrisp Street.
Anchor & Hope 2008 41 Westferry Road.
Anchor & Hope Horseferry Branch Road.
Anchor & Hope 81 Poplar High Street.
Angel 275-279 Poplar High Street.
Antigallican Limhouse Hole.
Barley Mow 1960 133 Narrow Street.
Barley Mow 127 Eastfield Street.
Artichoke c.1890 Blackwall Stairs.
Bedford Arms 1 Susannah Street.
Beehive 12 Robin Hood Lane. 
Beehive 31 Blount Street.
Beehive 141 Narrow Street.
Beehive 46 Rhodeswell Road.
Black Boy 88 Bath Street.
Black Horse   27 Ropemakers Field.
Blacksmiths Arms   25 West Ferry Road.
Blakeneys Head 143 Poplar High Street.
Brewers Arms 100 Maroon Street.
Bricklayers Arms 38 Lowell Street.
Bricklayers Arms 12 Union Street.
Bricklayers Arms 65 Narrow Street.
Britannia Blackwall Stairs.
Britannia 759 Commercial Road.
British Oak 2007 28 Robin Hood Lane. 
Bromley Hall Tavern 321 Brunswick Road.
Brown Horse 16 Tetley Street.
Brunswick Arms 78 Blackwall Way.
Brunswick Tavern Blackwall Riverside.
Buccaneer 73 West India Dock Road. 
Builders Arms 1940s 99 Stebondale Street.
Builders Arms 162 Brownfield Street. 
Byrons Head 17 Railway Street.
Bunch Of Grapes 76 Narrow Street. Now reopened as The Grapes.
Camdens Head 52 Church Row. Now demolished.
Cape Of Good Hope 787 Commercial Road.
Captain Man Of War 324 Poplar High Street.
Carpenters Arms 38 Grenade Street.
Cherry Tree 321 Brunswick Road.
Childe Harold 20 Railway Street.
Chimes 2008 212 Hind Grove
Chimes 21 Woollett Street.
City Arms 6 Rose Lane.
City Of Canton 4 Upper Street North.
City Pride 2010 1 Westferry Road.
Coach & Horses Blackwall Stairs.
Coach & Horses 132 Chrisp Street.
Coach & Horses 24 West India Dock Road.
Coal Builders Arms 224 Rhodeswell Road.
Coat & Badge 10 Chrisp Street.
Cobden Head 189 St Leonards Road.
Commercial Tavern 1 Pennyfields.
Conant Arms 2007 41 Stainsby Road.
Coopers Arms 9 Newell Street.
Coopers Arms 309 Poplar High Street.
Coopers Arms 13 St Leonards Road.
Coopers Arms 201 Salmon Lane.
Copenhagen Tavern 183 Salmon Lane.
Cranbourne 50 Nairn Street.
Cricketers 42 London Street.
Crown 9 Orchard Place.
Crown 12 Narrow Street.
Crown 95 Rhodeswell Road.
Crown & Cushion 23 Farndale Street.
Crown & Sceptre 20 Woolmore Street.
Crows Nest 1940s 14 Salmon Lane.
Cubitt Arms 2011 262 Manchester Road.
David & Harp 54 Narrow Street.
Deddington Arms 37 Castor Street.
Devonshire Arms 10 Dupont Street.
Devonshire Arms 45 Eastfield Street.
Diggers Arms 58 Pennyfields.
Dock House 1937 36 Cuba Street.
Dock House Tavern 1950s 293-295 East India Dock Road.
Dorset Arms 1997 379 Manchester Road. 
Duke Of Clarence 135 Grundy Street.
Duke Of Cornwall 20 Grenade Street.
Duke Of Edinburgh 27 Grundy Street.
Duke Of Suffolk 28-29 Ellerman Street.

Duke Of Wellington

2000s 145 St Leonards Road.

Duke Of Wellington

1 Repton Street.

Duke Of Wellington

12 Wells Street.
Duke Of York 1914 2 Salmon Lane.
Duke Of York 674 Commercial Road.
Duke Of York 10 Dod Street.


1932 151 Poplar High Street.

Eagle Tavern

1945 182 East India Dock Road.

Earl Of Ellesmere

c.2003 36 Ellesmere Street. 

Early Bird

50 Chrisp Street.

East India Arms

1950s 5 Naval Row.

East India Arms

95 East India Dock Road.

East India Arms

125 Poplar High Street.

East London Stores

1950s 28 Chrisp Street.

Eastern Hotel

1990s 2 East India Dock Road.
Eastern Star 40 Blackwall Way.
Edinburgh Castle 37 Rhodeswell Road.
Eight Bells 24 Poplar High Street.
Elder Tree 119 Chrisp Street.
Ellerthorpe Arms 60 Kerbey Street.
Englands Queen 74 Eastfield Street.


  145 Three Colt Street.
Experienced Fowler 83 Northey Street.


1985 202a East India Dock Road. 
Ferry House 2014 26 Ferry Street. Now reopened!!
Fishing Smack 9 Cold Harbour.
Five Bells & Blade Bone 2018 27 Three Colt Street.
Folly House 1875 Folly Wall.

Foresters Arms

  253 St Leonard's Road

Foresters Arms

  19 Rhodeswell Road.

Foresters Arms

  121 Salmon Lane.

Foresters Arms

  19 Woolmore Street.

Freemasons Arms

  98 Salmon Lane. 

Gallant Hussar

  69 Carr Street.

Galloway Arms

1997 43 Thomas Road.


Blackwall Stairs.

George Inn

74 Brunswick Street.

George IV

2000s 7 Ida Street.

George IV

9 Cayley Street.

George Tavern

13 Tapley Street.


129 St Leonards Road.


296 West Ferry Road.
Glengall Arms 1925 367 West Ferry Road.
Globe Tavern 33 Brunswick Street.
Grave Maurice 18 St Leonards Road.
Great Eastern c.1940 395 West Ferry Road.
Green Dragon 83 Grundy Street.


Green Man 2003 72 Poplar High Street.
Greenwich Pensioner 2016 2 Bazeley Street. Now reopened!!
Grundy Arms 83 Grundy Street.

Guildford Arms

  93 Godalming Road.
Gun Tavern 27 Coldharbour. Now reopened!!
Guy Earl Of Warwick 5 Chrisp Street.
Hearts Of Oak   36 St Leonards Road.  
Harry Tavern 1970s 131 Brunswick Road. Demolished to make way for the Blackwall Tunnel Northern Approach Road.  
Heron 3 Heron Quay. 
Highland Mary 252-254 West Ferry Road.
Hind Arms 61 Upper North Street.
Hope & Anchor 14 Newby Place. Now reopened!!
Horn Of Plenty 41 Poplar High Street.
Horn Of Plenty 111 Rhodeswell Road.
Horn Of Plenty Arms 10 Cordelia Street.
Horns & Chequers Thames Place.
India House Tavern Blackwall Stairs.
Iron Bridge Tavern 1984 477 East India Dock Road.
Ironmongers Arms 1921 210 West Ferry Road.
Islanders 1940 3-5 Tooke Street.
Ivy House 1 Prestage Street.
Jamaica Tavern 1926 1 Hertsmere Road.
John Bull 2 Bath Street.
Jolly Sailor 3 Beccles Street.
King & Queen 34 Three Colt Street.
Kings Arms New Atlas Wharf.
Kings Arms Blackwall Stairs.
Kings Arms 12 Carr Street.
Kings Arms 43 Narrow Street.
Kings Arms 109 Three Colt Street.
Kings Head 80 Three Colt Street.
Kingsbridge Arms 2003 154 - 156 Westferry Road. 
Life Boat 283 East India Dock Road.
Life Boat 232 Rhodeswell Road.
Lion 1 Lion Street.
Lion & Lamb 10 Dalgleish Street.
Little George 273 Poplar High Street.
London Tavern 1954 393 Manchester Road.

Lord Exmouth

86 Maroon Street.

Lord Hood

14 Rich Street.

Lord Nelson

29 Gill Street.

Lord Nelson

56 West India Dock Road.

Lord Nelson

c.2019 1 Manchester Road. Now reopened!!

Lord Nelson Tavern

Robin Hood Lane.

Lord Raglan

100 Chrisp Street.

Lord Roberts

22 Blair Street.

Lord Stanley

2001 55 Carmen Street.

Lovat Arms

  301 Burdett Road. 
Magnet & Dewdrop 1995 216 West Ferry Road.
Manchester Arms 1941 308 Manchester Road.
Mariners Arms 47 Grundy Street.
Market House Tavern 1906 7 Ricardo Street.
Marshal Keate 1986 29 Prestons Road.
Masons Arms 23 Ida Street.
Mechanics Arms 18 West Ferry Road.
Millwall Docks Tavern 1940s 233 West Ferry Road.
Millwall Tap 112 West Ferry Road.
Nags Head 70 Cotton Street.
Needlemakers Arms 22 Dalgleish Street.
New River Head 124 Stainsby Road.
Noahs Ark 59 Narrow Street.
Norfolk Hero 92 Canton Street.
North Pole 2014 74 Manilla Street.
North Pole 82 Elsa Street.
Northey Arms 30 Northey Street.
Old Hob 45 Brunswick Street.
Old Red Lion 81 Kerbey Street.
Old Steam Packet 17 Halley Street.
Oporto Tavern 2016 43 West India Dock Road.
Orchard House Tavern Orchard Place.
Oriental Tavern 9 Oriental Street.
Pendergast Arms 305 St Leonards Road.
Perseverance 20 York Road.
Phoenix 104 East India Dock Road.
Phoenix 3 Queen Street.
Pier Tavern 299 Manchester Road.
Pigott Arms 1 East India Dock Road.


  Blackwall Stairs.


  5 Narrow Street.


  13 Repton Street.

Pride Of The Isle

  20 Havannah Street.

Prince Albert

58 Orchard Place.

Prince Alfred

1940s 22 Tobago Street.

Prince Alfred

2012 86 Locksley Street.
Prince Alfred 1972 7 Poplar High Street.
Prince Arthur 55 Brunswick Road.
Prince Of Wales 1940s 2 Folly Wall.
Prince Of Wales 85 Maroon Street.
Prince Of Wales 28 Naval Row.
Prince Of Wales 168 St Leonards Road.
Prince Of Wales 155 Upper North Street.
Princess Alexandra 69 Salmon Lane.
Princess Mary 67 Kerbey Street.
Princess Of Wales 1960s 84 Manchester Road.

Princess Of Wales

2002 144-146 Brownfield Street. 
Queen 128 Rhodeswell Road.
Queen Of The Isle 571 Manchester Road. 
Queen Victoria 31 Medland Street.
Queens Head 1980s 491 The Highway.
Queens Head 95 Poplar High Street.

Railway Tavern

  116 West India Dock Road.
Railway Tavern 6 Three Colt Street.
Railway Tavern 7 Willis Street.
Railway Tavern Blackwall Station.
Rainbow 18 Medland Street.
Recreation Tavern 155 East India Dock Road. Now demolished.
Red White & Blue 75 Northey Street.
Red Lion 209 Poplar High Street. Now demolished.


  210 Poplar High Street.

Richard Cobden

  34 Repton Street. 

Rising Sun

  270 Poplar High Street. Now demolished.
Robert Burns 1991 248 Westferry Road. 
Rodneys Head 25 Narrow Street.

Rose & Crown

2000 17 Pennyfields. 

Rose & Crown

  79 Salmon Lane.

Royal Charlie

2016 116 Chrisp Street.
Royal Mason 17 Shirbutt Street.
Royal Oak 16 Limehouse Causeway.
Royal Oak 18 Emmett Street.

Royal Navy

1999 53 Salmon Lane. 

Royal Sovereign

109 Gill Street.

Royal Standard

77 St Leonards Road.

Sabbarton Arms

1999 99 Upper North Street.

Salisbury Arms

135 Eastfield Street.
Ship 57 Brunswick Street.
Ship 10 Narrow Street.
Ship 314 Poplar High Street.
Ship & Lion 70 Ropemakers Fields.
Ship Tavern 90 Three Colt Street.
Shipwrights Arms 45 Emmett Street.
Shipwrights Arms 136 East India Dock Road.
Shoulder Of Mutton 55 Brunswick Street.

Silver Lion

65 Pennyfields.

Silver Tavern

315 Burdett Road.

Sir Charles Napier

1997 697 Commercial Road. 

Sir John Barleycorn

39 Upper North Street.

Sir John Franklin

2005 269 East India Dock Road. 

Sir John Franklin

48 Narrow Street.
Sportsman   8 Calcutta Place.  
Spotted Dog   108 Poplar High Street.  
Spread Eagle   66 Limehouse Causeway.  
St Andrews Head   86 Rhodeswell Road.  

St Leonards Arms

1988 162 St Leonards Road.
Stainsby Tavern   49 East India Dock Road. Now demolished.  

Star Of The East

2017 805a Commercial Road. Now reopened!!

Star Of The East

36-38 Tetley Street.

Steam Packet

1 Milligan Place.

Steam Packet

1 Orchard Place.


2015 24 Naval Row.

Sun & Sawyer

241 Poplar High Street.

Sussex Arms

71 Upper North Street.
Sydney Arms   29 Arcadia Street.  
Three Colts   58 Three Colt Street.  
Three Foxes   37 Narrow Street.  
Three Mariners   34 Ropemakers Fields.  
Three Tuns   39 Pennyfields.  
Tiger   79 Kerbey Street.  
Torrington Arms 34 West Ferry Road.
Tower Stores 80 Rhodeswell Road.
Trafalgar 28 West India Dock Road.
Trinity Arms 45 Orchard Place.
True Briton 28 Gill Street.

Two Brewers

98 Narrow Street.

Union Arms

Union Road.

Union Tavern

17 Emmett Street.

United Brother

20 Hale Street.

United Brothers

1935 12 Emmett Street.


55 Hind Grove.


46 Three Colt Street.


169 St Leonards Road.


6 Providence Place.


1991 238 East India Dock Road. 


1967 7 Mill Place.
Vulcan 1992 240 Westferry Road. 
Vulcan 1967 178 Rhodeswell Road.
Vulcan 20 Brunswick Street.
Wades Arms 15 Jeremiah Street.
Warrior 32 Limehouse Causeway.

Waterloo Hero

19 Gough Street.

Watermans Arms

92 Narrow Street.

Watermans Arms

44 Maroon Street.

Watermans Arms

290 Poplar High Street.

Watermans Arms

6 West Ferry Road.

West Arms

26 Birchfield Street.

West India Dock Tavern

1840s Coldharbour.


13 Mauve Street.

White Bear

Ratcliff Cross.

White Hart

65 Medland Street. Now reopened!!

White Hart

115 Narrow Street.

White Hart

1960s 307 Poplar High Street.

White Horse

2003 9-11 Poplar High Street.

White Swan

  556 Commercial Road.
White Swan c.1992 130 Blackwall Way. 
White Swan 48 Ida Street.
Windmill 8 Mandarin Street.
Windmill 1884 Claude Street.
Windsor Castle 8 Bowen Street.
Woodman Brunswick Road.
Woolsack 43 Willis Street.
Yarmouth Arms 20 Willis Street.
York Tap 647 Commercial Road.
Young Prince c.2008 60 Cordelia Street.

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